Two Canvas Buckthorn Totes

Two Canvas Buckthorn Totes - Noodlehead


I’ve been having so much fun seeing what everyone has been making lately. It’s always a bright spot in my day to be able to take a peek at what you’re creating! I thought I’d share a couple of Buckthorn Totes that I made. For me, the best part of a new pattern, is when I get to sit down after the pattern is almost finalized and sew a few more samples. I don’t have to think about the tiny details, I can just pick fabrics and sew.

I had bought some of the new Egg Press (for Kokka) from Fancy Tiger Crafts and was excited when I pulled out of my canvas stack. I’ve been an Egg Press fan for quite a few years, I love letterpress and stationery and love collecting it! I’ve been better these past few years about actually using my cards, but some of my favorites like the Egg Press designs seem to be ones I can’t give up quite yet. I paired the canvas with Big Sur unbleached for the lining.Two Canvas Buckthorn Totes - Noodlehead

For the other tote I used Big Sur in Brown Beige for the exterior and this stripe from Fancy Tiger for the lining. Again, if you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a big fan of Big Sur canvas for bag making! I can’t recommend it enough!

Both these totes use fusible fleece on the exterior fabrics and canvas weight for the lining (no extra SF101 when using canvas as the lining).

I have one more tote sample to share and then hopefully I’ll get around to making a few more samples with some fun modifications.

Thanks for stopping by!

Pattern: Buckthorn Tote (pattern includes Backpack version as well)
Fabrics: Egg Press for Kokka (here’s a google search for shopping options)/Big Sur unbleached and Big Sur canvas in brown beige/ stripe lining

Webbing and zippers available in my shop, too!

8 thoughts on “Two Canvas Buckthorn Totes

  1. Laura says:

    Do you have totes for sale?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Laura! I don’t sew things to sell, but maybe you can find a friend who sews that you can do a swap with? I sometimes sell samples, but it’s usually only once a year.

    2. Mary says:

      Laura I have a niece that sells totes. you can email me

  2. Really cool totes. I love the tan with blue striped interior. It seems very summer/ nautical to me.

  3. pedlarcr says:

    I love this tote! I’ve already started picking fabrics to make the backpack version and I can’t wait to start sewing!! It’s one of my favourite things – picking out which fabrics to use for a project. And I always love your combination of fabrics Anna. ??

  4. nicola mayne says:

    Do you have a video to show how to insert the zip? I would find that super helpful?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Nicola, we’ll reach out to you via email. 🙂

  5. Karen Benda says:

    I would love a video on how to insert the zipper. I bought the pattern and feel a bit overwhelmed without a video. Thank you.

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