Abstract Cottesloe Swim Suit for Emily

Abstract Cottesloe Swim Suit for Emily - pattern by Megan Nielsen PatternsWow, okay, so I’m just posting here to try and keep some normality in our lives. I want to let you know that with everything happening in the world right now, I think it’s so important to hold tight to the small things in life. I am so glad to be so fortunate to have sewing in my life. Thank you for connecting with me here over the years, without you this just wouldn’t exist. Your support and connection means everything.

A few months ago now my daughter Emily asked me to make her a suit like mine. First of all, I am so happy that she wanted a swim suit like the one that I had made! I mean, that’s just an amazing thing right there. Actually, Natalie wants one, too. So that’s next on the list of fun sewing projects. I jumped at the chance and bought the girls version of the Cottesloe Swim Suit by Megan Nielsen Patterns. I am thrilled that she has an adult and child version. It made it so easy!

Emily picked out this gorgeous abstract print that I had purchased through Spoonflower. I had originally bought it for myself, but after I made my gingham version, I didn’t make another (maybe this summer though!). I was very excited she loved the print! I had enough of the other supplies leftover from my suit, so it really was a project that was meant to be!

Emily helped with assembling the pattern pieces and then she hung out when we cut the fabrics and starting sewing. I ended up making two bottoms because the first size I made seemed too tight for her, so to help ease any worry that they wouldn’t feel comfortable to swim in, I made a second bottom. It was easy enough to make another, I’m just happy that I had enough fabric and elastic. She wore her suit to her school’s Winter Wellness day (basically it’s a reward day for middle schoolers where they get to pick from all sorts of fun activities to do for a day) to a nearby water park. She said the suit was great and I’m excited to see her wear it this summer, too.

Pattern: Mini Cottesloe Swim Suit by Megan Nielsen Patterns
Fabric: Sport Lycra from Spoonflower, design by Taisya Kordiukova
Elastics purchased from The Fabric Fairy

7 thoughts on “Abstract Cottesloe Swim Suit for Emily

  1. Lodi says:

    So cute – LOVE the first photo!
    I’m sure we’re all ooking forward to summer and swimming! (Wewillwecan.)

  2. Julie says:

    Love it!

  3. Jeni says:

    SO CUTE! That fabric is perfect for a swimsuit, and it fits her so well!

  4. Sally King says:

    Beautiful swimsuit. Cannot believe how much your little girl has grown. It happens … but so quickly?!

  5. Fantastic set of swimmers! Jo xx

  6. Kim says:

    Beautiful suit! Love it xxx

  7. Sarah Campbell says:

    this suit is so beautiful and fits so nicely. thanks for sharing. i hope you are well <3

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