Explorer Tote Blue Waxer Canvas

Well, I of course felt like it would only be fair to make another. My friend, Jane, loved that one, and I quickly offered to make one for her! This time I used the blue (Turkish Sea) Waxer Canvas from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. It was fun to see it come together in blue. I chose a long time favorite speckled canvas for the lining and set to work!

Just like last time around I used a double layer of the Waxer canvas on the contrast bottom piece. Cutting two of the same size and basted them together around the perimeter. I didn’t add any other interfacing to the exterior pieces. The lining is canvas and again, no added interfacing. Of course you could definitely add whatever you’d like, but I’m happy with this combination. I think it makes a great lightweight travel bag with perfect amount of pockets!

I did manage to put together a few leather kits (for the large size, the small size can use my 1″-wide straps or you can make them from fabric, too) in my shop if you’re interested. One of the kits is available with the hardware included. I cut it to the size you choose when you order and then I assemble it. Pretty fun! I also have the turn locks and both zipper sizes (they’re jacket zippers and my favorite type of zipper to use for this pattern, here’s the 20″ size and the 24″ size).
Fabric: Waxer Canvas in Turkish Sea, lining is a recycled hemp/cotton duck that I had gotten at Fancy Tiger Crafts (looks like it’s sold out now though) 🙁
I’m in the process of restocking leather in my shop, so stop back next week for a full selection of the 1″-wide straps. 

All images are by Jessica Sands Photography 

6 thoughts on “Explorer Tote Blue Waxer Canvas

  1. Jeni says:

    That color is so perfect! Such a classy looking bag!

  2. Michelle James says:

    Love your patterns and designs! I have never worked with waxed canvas. How does it handle on the machine? I have a janome 9450….not a commercial or industrial machine.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hey Michelle, thank you! If you have Instagram I have a highlight of videos in my profile that’s all about waxed canvas. It’s saved under “Waxed Canvas” (my ig is @noodlehead531). This particular waxed canvas (Robert Kaufman Waxer Canvas) is very easy to work with on a home machine.

  3. pedlarcr says:

    Love this bag! It’s just so useful! Absolutely love how the waxed canvas looks!

  4. Michelle says:

    I will take a look! Thank you.

  5. Alexandra says:

    This is a beautiful bag! I just finished my first pattern of yours today. It came out gorgeous… now I am encouraged.

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