New Pattern! The Fika Tote

New Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadHappy Wednesday! I’m so excited to share with you my newest pattern, the Fika Tote! I’m so glad to finally be able to show it off. I’ve been working on it since earlier this Spring, so it feels really great to be able to put it out into the world. It is packed with some really fun features and I hope you’ll love it.

New Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead

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Fika is a Swedish word for coffee with friends. And what’s better than coffee with friends?! It’s always the highlight of my day. I felt like Fika was appropriate because this tote is the kind of bag I’d take along to a coffee shop with my work binder, sketchbook, planner and everything else I’d need for the day. Plus, with my Scandinavian heritage and its clean lines I felt like it was the perfect match. It’s roomy and comfortable to wear and includes some great features:

  • two front pockets for easy access
  • one large back lapped zipper pocket
  • two interior padded pockets (perfect for an ipad or laptop), or easily divided to make several smaller interior pockets
  • top recessed zipper to keep everything secure!New Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead

New Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead New Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead New Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead New Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead

This design was one that was lingering in my sketchbook for a very long time. I kept circling back around to it, coming up with different things I thought would be useful. I want to make so many more because I think it looks so great in all types of fabrics! As part of my pattern development process I did a group test sew at Stitch Supply Co. (if you’re ever in the Eau Claire, WI area be sure to stop in!) and the amazing women who sewed the Fika Tote that day had the most beautiful fabric combos.  I hope to be able to show some of those off soon!

Click here to buy the patternNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - NoodleheadNew Pattern! The Fika Tote - Noodlehead


9 thoughts on “New Pattern! The Fika Tote

  1. BD says:

    Love your aesthetic and absolutely adore your patterns. You basically taught me how to sew 🙂 Looking forward to making this. Really like the padded pockets. It’s Fika-ing awesome. Pardon the bad joke.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      oh you win the best comment ever award, I love it!!!! ?

  2. Brenda says:

    Love that the padded pockets are in the side of the bag. I have a few patterns that have a pocket for your tablet, etc. right in the center of the bag, so it cuts the room inside in half. I’m a knitter. so I want as much space as possible for my projects. Your bag patterns are my favorites—they are simple to sew and the bags are totally functional.

  3. Leanne says:

    LOVE this bag and can’t wait to make it. Seeing it in person at your “line-launch” at Olive Juice Quilts really put this on my list of “need to have’s”!! Looking forward to making one just for me!!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Leanne! You’re the best!

  4. Brenda says:

    I ordered fabric from Makower’s “Into the Woods” collection for my bag—mine is going to be gray and blue, too. There is a big landscape print in the line that I am going to use for the back pocket—I hope I have enough that I can use it for the interior pockets also. I am going to use mine for a knitting bag, plus a kind of puppy diaper bag. When I take her with me to my parents’, I have to take treats, chewies kibbles, and toys—I think she’s almost as bad as having a real baby.

  5. Tricia says:

    Oh yeah, I will definitely be making this! I love bags and can never have enough of them! I love the padding aspect and the size…it’ll be nice for knitting projects and all the other things I stuff into a bag when I’m on the go.

  6. Dee says:

    Oh I’m so excited! I’ve just started making the large compass Bag. But this is going to be my next project after that! I love that you’ve included a section for iPads. I don’t like leaving home without mine. My Noodlehead Bag collection is getting larger by the minute!

  7. Terra Maggiolino says:

    Oh, Anna, I missed this when it came out! I was out of town with family, and not on my computer! Dang! Now I’m a whole week behind! LOL! I love your patterns, I think I must have every one of them, plus the books, magazines, et all! I’ve made your Explorer Tote (in both sizes), and given it to so many people in my family, as gifts. It makes a perfect shower gift for a new bride! This new one will be a joy to give, as well! Thank you, for your lovely, easy patterns!

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