Keychain: Weaving Within Reach

Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - NoodleheadSo this is a fun little project I just couldn’t resist. Leather and weaving? Count me in! When Anne emailed me I knew I couldn’t say no. Anne is an amazing creative and her newest book, Weaving Within Reach, just came out. If you remember earlier this year, I finished my arm knitting pillow, which was a project in Anne’s other book: Knitting Without Needles. So I knew from that experience that her books are beautifully put together and the projects are fun! I’d never really done any weaving before except the paper kind and maybe a moment or two in the 90s during Girl Scouts, but I was eager to jump in.Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - Noodlehead

I thought that I would have a hard time sourcing materials, but I was super happy when I realized a couple of the projects that caught my eye had easily accessible materials. I stopped into Michaels over the weekend and picked up what I needed. Love that when one shop has everything you need! Keychain: Weaving Within Reach - Noodlehead

This lanyard/keychain took hardly any time at all. I was worried I might get confused and end up with a knotted mess, but nope! I think this ended up being one of those super satisfying projects that goes off without a hitch. My kids are even asking to make one now! I’m very excited about putting mine to use, I just love the texture. I grabbed a split keyring and a trigger clip from my hardware stash (yes, that’s a thing, ha!). Times like these it comes in very handy. I think in total it took me less than 45 minutes to make one.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how a beginner like me would do with this book, but it’s perfect! Anne has the projects broken down into types of weaving – simpler to more complicated AND she has the approximate time to complete which I found super helpful not knowing much about the time commitment a project might take. I think this would make a gorgeous gift for a crafty friend, you could even plan it out and make things together as a sort of craft night! It’s beautifully laid out and there are tons of step by step pictures. Go for it!!!

My next project I’m going to make from the book is the Twine Glass Sleeves. I think I’ll make mine into a vase, but I wanted to grab the perfect glass so I wasn’t robbing one from our cupboard. I already have the twine, too, which is exciting!

* I was given Weaving Within Reach book and these are my honest opinions.

4 thoughts on “Keychain: Weaving Within Reach

  1. darlene says:

    that keychain is darling and cute and i love it … when i first saw it, I could not believe what it was made of — why? when i was a kid in san francisco, many, many years ago, we used plastic lanyard (although we didn’t call it that then) cord given us by after school playground supervisors to make the same keychain … ooooh, my gooosh … that was, well, let’s just say a looooong time ago … what goes around comes around, i’m sure now: macrame hangers for plants, table covers, even, shawls and other clothing …

    1. Maddie N says:

      Me too….I had the best time at girl scout camp (in the 50’s. Yikes!) weaving colorful plastic lacing into keychains and lanyards. I’m sure it’s the reason I still enjoy crafting and weaving today. What a great idea using leather – perfect for handmade holiday gifts. I can’t wait to once again weave (leather) lace keychains! How fun!!

    2. Judy Paiva says:

      Haha! Yes! We called it Gimp!

  2. I love learning something new. This looks like a great little project! The ones you’ve made Anna are really pretty!

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