Forage Traverse Bags

Forage Traverse Bags - NoodleheadForage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead Oh this is fun! Today I’m sharing a couple Traverse Bags I made samples of using Forage (my new fabric collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics). The Traverse has been my daily bag for the past year. I made a regular size and used that until this summer and then switched to a mini size once summer officially hit! It’s been fun to use them and I might just have to make another mini using Forage for myself. It’s hard to restrain myself for now. I usually wait until a bag is starting to really show wear or is stained or whatever, but I’m sure I’ll have to break my own ‘rule’.Forage Traverse Bags - NoodleheadForage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead

These two were fun to make! I switched out the piping/strap in the regular size once while making it. I like to have a little bit of contrast and the first fabric I picked didn’t have enough. Although I’ve seen so many great variations, even ones without the piping that look so amazing, too. So don’t feel bad if you get part way into a project and need to switch directions a bit. Sometimes it’s only a matter of ripping a few seams or remaking a strap, which I think is worth it if you’re not in love with your original choices.Forage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead

Also, if you’re reading this post, I’ve got a new pattern in the works, it’ll be out the second week of September if all goes as planned. I cannot wait to sew a sample in Forage, but I’m already dreaming up all kinds of fabric combinations.Forage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead

Forage Traverse Bags - NoodleheadForage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead

Pattern: Traverse Bag (regular and mini sizes)
Fabrics: Forage (designed by me for Robert Kaufman Fabrics), Chambray and Interweave Chambray were used for the handle and piping accents
Hardware/zips: Traverse Bag Hardware Kit here, or if you just need zippers, I recommend Zipit on Etsy, too.

And a huge thank you to Laura, my Cousin’s daughter, for modeling!Forage Traverse Bags - Noodlehead

7 thoughts on “Forage Traverse Bags

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Anna – I just love the traverse bag. I have made both sizes and love them both. And so does my 21 yr old daughter. Can’t wait to get some forage.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Oh I love that Linda! And so glad your daughter likes them, too!

  2. Hannah says:

    Gorgeous, as always! Do you know when Forage will be shipping to stores? I am going crazy!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      I’ve had a few shops let me know they’ve received shipping notifications. Very soon!

  3. says:

    Congrats Anna–the prints are just beautiful! You are one talented lady! <3

  4. Sue says:

    I love this pattern Anna, but is there another finish one can use in place of the snap? I have awful luck when trying to use a snap!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I’ve seen a few people use magnetic snaps or you could even leave it without anything, the flap lays nicely in place. Otherwise a small turn lock would work or similar. Hope that helps! 🙂

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