Fun with Stripes: Phoenix Blouse

So I had a little fun with stripes and this pattern, the Phoenix Blouse by Adrianna of Hey June Patterns. I’ve had this super lightweight cotton voile micro stripe in my stash forever. Partly because I love it so much, it’s soft and drapey, and beautiful. The other reason, the silly part, was that I was afraid to use it and not end up liking what I made with it. It’s been on my shelf for maybe five years? Which is way too long for a fabric to wait.

As part of being on the Indiesew blogger team, a challenge I did mostly for myself, was that I sew a garment for me once a quarter. If I make more, great, but at least it was something I could hold myself accountable for. And I love sewing for me, but it does get put on the back burner for more work related sewing more often that I’d like. So I’m really thankful for being able to participate in the sewing community in this way, and I am so pumped about this Phoenix Blouse!

When I first saw Adrianna release the Phoenix pattern I wasn’t super set on it. Maybe because it was still so freezing cold here? I’m guessing that was the case. Because now that it’s been so hot and humid this summer, light weight fabrics and tank tops are all I can think about. I cut the front yoke pieces on a 30 degree angle and joined them with a seam. I had a ready to wear tank that used some of the same play with stripes and I really loved it. I also cut the back yoke with the stripe running horizontally – although I managed to not snap a pic of that. As with all Hey June patterns I’ve tried I love Adrianna’s attention to the details and finishes. All the seams are thoughtfully finished and it’s what I really look for in a pattern. I know it’ll last because the seams are all tidy.

Lastly, them tassels though. I love them. I think they add so much fun to this top, and they weren’t hard to make either. I even managed to pull one of the strings loose, but was able to pull the knot through the fabric ala quilter’s knot style and they came together swimmingly. Natalie even helped by making the tassels! Oh, and I did move the slit at the neckline up a little higher for modesty. I knew it would still slip over my tiny head, so it works for me!

I will totally be making this tank again!

Pattern: Phoenix Blouse by Hey June Patterns
Fabric: mystery micro stripe from my stash (I think it would be similar to this stripe?) or Indiesew has this beautiful linen stripe, too!

6 thoughts on “Fun with Stripes: Phoenix Blouse

  1. charlotte m. says:

    Very cute. And the tassels totally make the whole thing. Great job.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      They’re such a fun detail!

  2. Adrianna says:

    I would’ve hoarded that fabric too! It’s lovely. I’m honored you used it for a Phoenix! I think it’s a perfect match!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Adrianna! I’m so excited to try another one!

  3. Love your tank top! I agree there is nothing cooler to wear in the hot summer months than wovens 🙂 I’ve been busy making myself some linen tops and I already wear them a lot.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you! And yes, they feel so comfy!

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