Arm Knit Pillow

Arm Knit Pillow - NoodleheadI did it! I finished my first arm knit pillow. I’m very happy that it’s done, the supplies sat for so long. Until now, that pretty yarn sat on my shelf and looked at me every time I sat down to make something. I had purchased the yarn a couple of years ago, so now there’s a nice big empty spot on my shelf – score! The biggest thing that held me back from getting started was that I didn’t know how to arm knit. I thought it might be sort of easy because I do occasionally knit, but in my mind I made it much harder than it actually ended up being. Of course stumbling upon a chunky knit pillow at Target one day made me almost weep. I thought about giving the yarn away and just buying the pillow.

Arm Knit Pillow - Noodlehead

I ended up using all three skeins of Cascade Yarns Magnum in Ecru (purchased from Jimmy Beans Wool) and followed along with Anne Weil’s Creativebug class with my most focused attention. I watched the main parts of the class at least twice through, and I don’t think I would have finished had I not done the online class. Anne is a great instructor, you can definitely tell she’s taught many people how to arm knit! For me, once I got the basics down, I was able to knit the pillow in maybe an hour? It was hardly any time. Knitting the swatch was super helpful. And the weaving in and stitching up the last parts of the pillow took maybe a half hour more. Pretty spiffy.

My pillow ended up being perfect for a 22″ square pillow form. I just kept knitting until the size felt right. It’s something I’ll keep out during the winter because it adds so much coziness to the room.

I just looked up the link for Anne’s class and she’s got so many fun looking ones! If you’re looking for a high impact project that’s quick, too, check them out. Or her lovely book, too, Knitting Without Needles.

Arm Knit Pillow - Noodlehead

Lately I’ve been trying to think objectively when picking my next projects to sew or knit or make. I’ve been working this first part of the year on a couple of new patterns, YESSS!!! One will be coming out this fall and the other will be a FREE pattern coming out sort of soon I think. So just recently I’ve been able to take a better look at my personal sewing projects a bit more. Anyway, since I’m anticipating moving all my work items to my studio this fall, I’ve been trying to clear out some of the older supplies and works in progress that I can finish up before the move. I honestly really dislike this part, some projects are abandoned that I’ve simply lost interest in. I hope to sort through them and move them along to someone who might be able to use them. So all that to say I’m glad this project is done! yay!

Arm Knit Pillow - Noodlehead

6 thoughts on “Arm Knit Pillow

  1. Sally says:

    gorgeous! I really like this and know that I could make one for myself, but doubt I will ever summon the effort to get this one done… just as well, since I already have a large pile of unfinished projects.

  2. This is so fun! I want to learn how to make a woven or macrame pillow that incorporates that aspect into a sewn pillow.

    I hear you about unfinished projects that you no longer love. I’m giving away two partially completed quilts (like they are basted and partially quilted) because I never finished and don’t want to. It feels great to let stuff go. Now to just pawn all my scraps off onto others lol.

    1. Kelly O. says:

      Nicole if you need a home for those quilts–I am happy to help! I take others projects and finish them for charity…

  3. Kelly O. says:

    You are making me think I need to renew my creativebug membership!! so awesome!!

  4. says:

    Love it and it’s so much better than a Target pillow because YOU MADE IT…..woot woot! 🙂

  5. Melanie says:

    Finishing a project that has been languishing is such a treat. I have been focusing on completing projects I already have the materials for this year, and it has been quite rewarding. Plus, like you mentioned it frees up space, which is always nice. Thanks for always being so inspiring. Take care.

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