Minimalist Wallet – Making No. 3 Dots

Minimalist Wallet - Making No. 3 Dots - Noodlehead

Photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Minimalist Wallet - Making No. 3 Dots - Noodlehead

Photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Today is the launch of the newest issue of Making magazine (No. 3 Dots) and I love having a project included once again (see my previous Making contributions here and here). So excited to share this new project with you all today. This is one that I had sketched over and over again in my notebook and was so happy to be able to bring it to life. It’s called the Minimalist Wallet because it’s simple and yet super useful.

I’m so happy to be able to use this wallet myself. I love that it has a large pocket at the back for cash and my phone, a zippered pocket for coins and other items that need secure storing and lastly three spots for cards held vertically (and yes, you can fit a couple cards per slot if needed). I like to keep my wallet as streamlined as possible and this holds all the essentials. I find that if I have a bigger wallet with more little pockets and compartments, things tend to get lost or I forget about what I have. So when I was designing this wallet I kept in mind what I ideally carry on a regular basis, and the Minimalist Wallet was born.

Minimalist Wallet - Making No. 3 Dots - Noodlehead

Photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge

The wallet has a snap closure with two options, either leather or fabric for the snap tab. I really love both options so much! I’m hoping to have a few kits listed for the wallet’s leather/snap option shortly, so stay tuned.

For this pattern, I recommend using a size 24 (sometimes called Line 24) snap:

Tandy Leather (snaps, hand setting tool: setter, anvil, or set w/tool)
Gold Star Tool (snaps, hand setting tool (choose GS-HS#803L-RNG-15mm, press) (snaps, hand setting tool, press)
Snapsource (snaps, hand setting tool: you’ll want the setting tool plus the size 24 adapter) These are best for using with the fabric tab option!
Dritz (snaps, hand setting tool)

Many of these snaps/setters or something similar may be available at your local quilt shop or craft store, so please check there as well!

I hope you’ll enjoy it! The magazine is so beautiful, Carrie and her team have done an amazing job with this magazine. It has over 150 pages of pure goodness, so many great projects of all types and gorgeous inspiring photography. I do have the magazine available for sale in my shop, so be sure to stop by if you’d like to purchase a copy. I’m so proud to be a part of this publication with so many amazing makers.

Click here to purchase your copy of Making No. 3/Dots

Making Magazine: No. 3 Dots

Lastly, the Minimalist Wallet pattern will be available as an individual PDF pattern in my shop on November 15, 2017 (update: pattern will be releasing Nov. 3oth with an extra bonus).

Have a great weekend!

Photo by Carrie Bostick Hoge



15 thoughts on “Minimalist Wallet – Making No. 3 Dots

  1. Gorgeous combination of fabrics and the leather… love the look of this wallet. I’m excited to get my copy of the latest making!

  2. Franziska says:

    Wonderful. Love it.
    So, is it November yet? 😉

  3. Jody says:

    Picked up my copy of “Dots” today. The wallet is already added to my to do/to make list.

  4. Ivy says:

    looks great. November seems like a long way off, but it will be worth the wait.

  5. Charlene says:

    Are you going to offer the kits for the leather/snap options? Also love the two denim combinations! Could you name the solid denim that you used? Thank you!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      I hope to get some put together shortly, still working on some details. Thanks for hanging in there! The solid is Robert Kaufman’s Yarn dyed essex in indigo I believe. 🙂

  6. virginia says:

    I love your blog very much because your blog contains extremely good stuff.Gorgeous combination of fabrics and the leather and love the look of this wallet.

  7. sara says:

    Just checking to see if there are any errata. For some reason I can’t figure out why the front pocket at 7 1/2 ” is narrower than the zippered pocket at 8 1/2″ but the sketches in Making show them being the same size and I’m supposed to align the edges and sew them together. Maybe I am just having a moment of sewing pattern confusion?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Sara, no errata yet. I think you may have missed the note that the front pocket template is shown at 90% – so it needs to be enlarged on a copy machine.

      1. sara says:

        I sure did. Thank you. I was totally stalled on this project and I had even installed the snaps on the front pocket. I’ll have to make a 7 1/2 in version next since I have a lovely embroidered stitch front pocket made. Just playing with scraps so will make an 8 1/2 in front pocket now. Thanks again for the help.

        1. Anna Graham says:

          Glad you’ve got it straightened out! And yes, a scaled down version would be great so you can use your embroidered front pocket. 🙂

  8. Stephanie says:

    Hello. Just wondering when the pattern will be available for sale. I can’t find it in your shop (after 15 Nov as you have advised.)


    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hey Stephanie! Gosh, so sorry. I’ve got it set to release the 30th, I hope it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve added an additional size besides the one in Making. 🙂

      1. Stephanie says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.. That will give me time to finish my current project ready for this one! Cheers

  9. Trish says:

    Is it possible to use magnetic snaps instead of the traditional snaps? Beautiful wallets 🙂

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