Hemlock Tee in Peat

Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

Hemlock Tee in Peat - NoodleheadAfter making the lace Hemlock Tee last time, I knew I wanted to try making the sleeved version. It’s definitely fun to sew a pattern more than once! Knowing all the steps and fit makes it so much easier to customize the next one.Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

So I had gotten some of this beautiful knit from Cloud9 Fabrics after joining along in Rae’s Sidewalk Fabrics tour. They kindly sent me this gorgeous Peat color in their knits collection. I admit to kinda being obsessed with finding the perfect Raisin or Plum? color. For some reason the color is really appealing to me for garments. I think it goes with anything really well and it’s not super common, so maybe that’s why I’m hooked? Who knows. So if you know of any other great garment fabrics that look Raisin-y or Plum-esque give me a shout!Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

It’s also a super stable knit which is really nice to sew with. Even though I have a serger it’s really quite easy to make one of these in no time. No pesky rolling to deal with makes for pretty smooth sailing. For this version I used Jen’s Split Hem Tutorial which I  love. It’s such a fun look and easy modification. I had to hold myself back at Target so many times because I would see a similar top or at least something with a split hem and *almost* throw it in my cart, but I’m so glad I resisted. Making my own was way more fun.Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

Next I think I’m either going to make a Linden Sweatshirt or a Willow Tank. It’s that time of year when you need all the layers you can get!

Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

Pattern: Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studio
Fabric: Peat from Cloud9 Fabrics

Hemlock Tee in Peat - Noodlehead

7 thoughts on “Hemlock Tee in Peat

  1. Lodi says:

    Like! How much did you add to the length, and how tall are you?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Lodi! I’m 5’8″ and I think I actually removed an inch or two before doing the split hem adjustment.

  2. gail says:

    I love the color and love the top! The dropped shoulder adds interest and it just looks so cozy. 🙂

  3. That it is a gorgeous looking knit. Your makes are making me want to put down my knitting needles and crochet hook and dust off my abandoned sewing machine…

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Yes, it’s so soft! For sure dust off that machine! 🙂

  4. Angelina U. says:

    I wish I enjoyed making clothes as much as bags because this looks amazing!

  5. boo McCready says:

    Hi! Great tee! I’d like to try this for my 5’8″ teenage daughter who is also thin. I looked at the pattern and it looks really wide. Did you adjust it? If so how?

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