Workspace Improvements

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

I thought it would be fun to share a few workspace improvements I’ve made in the last couple months. It’s very easy for me to get situated in a space and just make it work. Even if that means that it’s not the most efficient work flow or if something isn’t working right.

So at the end of the year I almost switched my sewing space to our basement. Almost actually means that I moved everything down there and realized the lighting situation was going to make working down there really difficult. I could only imagine running up and down the stairs every five minutes to look at fabric combinations in natural light. So after my current room was cleared out and I decided to move everything back in, I took the time to try to re-evaluate how my space was working for me.

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect rug for under my desk. Because my little rolly chair had worn off the finish on our wood floors, I decided I needed to get a rug quick. Eventually I’ll have the floor re-finished, but the rug is a nice fix. It’s soft and has enough texture that little bits of thread and fabric won’t look too terrible in-between vacuuming. So in my search I went through about three different rugs before this one and I’m so glad I was stubborn enough to find the perfect one. I love it.

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

Another tiny improvement was a new scrap bin! I had previously had three plastic bins from the Target dollar spot that I had gotten maybe five years ago. They were okay, but one ended up cracking and I was always kicking them under my desk. I decided to try to simplify the scraps and go with one bigger basket. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before! My sewing room is right off the main living areas of our house, so little details like the rug and basket make it feel a little cozier. I picked up this guy at TJ Max, they always seem to have a nice selection of cute baskets.

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

Lastly, I purchased this rolling cart from Target for my hardware supplies. Of course I’ve seen the Ikea ones around, but when the nearest store is over two hours away it’s not so convenient. I’m super happy with Target’s version. I love that if I need to I can move it around in my space. It’s perfect for the hand presses I have as well as having plenty of space for tools I use frequently. Plus there’s room to queue up some projects as well!

Workspace Improvements - Noodlehead

So that’s what I wanted to share today. Maybe some of the things I mentioned will help you get your creative space working to its full potential? I’d love to know what you’ve used in your space to make it work best for you. Let me know! You can see a view of my whole sewing room here.

p.s. I added some Turn Locks to my shop if you’re in need of one! These are what I use for my Explorer Totes!

17 thoughts on “Workspace Improvements

  1. Reece says:

    It looks great! I really need to overhaul my sewing space. It’s my son’s old nursery, and the wall colour is all wrong for sewing, so I think painting is a priority too. I use a lot of hardware, so one thing that really works for me is a large unit loaded with sorting bins; they’re open so I can see and reach into them easily, and there are lots of bins, so I can keep all the hardware separated. I keep meaning to sort my scraps, but I might just do like you and put them all in one basket.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Reece! Oh yes, paint can do wonders! And cool about the sorting bins! I had been looking for something like that for a while but gave up and put my different hardware pieces in jars for now.

  2. Mary Morrison says:

    Love your space. Thanks for sharing. I moved into the basement after an adult child moved back home. I was very lucky because my husband was was able to add a ton of light to make it useable. I do miss the breezes through the window in the spring!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Mary! Oh that’s great about adding light to make it more usable. I would have to agree about spring breezes though!

  3. Daryl says:

    I just did a sewing rooms (yes 2 rooms) redo in January. But we decided to put down wood-look flooring over the painted cement floors, so everything needs to come out of the rooms for a few days soon. Still waiting on the flooring to arrive and then the installers. So there will be new photos of the updated rooms yet once more in another month or so. To see my sewing space(s) go to my blog: I absolutely love my huge flat cabinet and hutch space. It makes the room and holds a ton!

  4. Krista says:

    This looks so nice! Very inviting. Can I ask about your presses? Are you happy with them? I’ve thought about buying one but haven’t been able to commit.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      aw thanks Krista. 🙂 Yes, I love them both. One is from Minkus Margo on etsy and the other is from Gold Star Tool. You should definitely commit! Send me and email and I can give you the full scoop. 🙂

  5. Robyn says:

    I love seeing your Gold Star press on that cart! Currently I have to lift mine up from where it’s stored. Is your cart sturdy enough that you can use the press without moving it to a sturdier table? Your space looks very bright and happy. 😉

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Robyn! Yes, sometimes I’m feeling lazy and leave it on the cart. Other times I move it to my table. My presses used to live on the floor under my sewing table and it was always such a pain crawling under there and pulling them out! This makes it much easier!

  6. Barbara G says:

    I was wondering if you could do a post on the hand press in action?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Oh, maybe? It’s pretty simple though, just an up and down action. I have a step-by-step photo tutorial here if that helps at all: 🙂

  7. Your sewing room looks very spacious and lovely! I love that you have enough room to have a large sewing table, storage, and a chair in your room! Can’t wait to get rid of the carpet and add ceramic tile to my room!

  8. Barbara O'Grady says:

    Hi Anna, I love your blog and look at it several times a week I often look to it for creative inspiration. I’ve purchased a few of your patterns, they are wonderfully thought out and engineered.
    I also purchased your book from my local fabric shop, Superbuzzy.
    Thank you for your blog, I know blogging is a lot of work. I look forward to yours in particular, your talent and style is a gift, thanks for sharing!

  9. Tammy says:

    Very nice updates. Would you consider doing a blog post about your rivet tools? Thanks.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Tammy, I have a post here that shows how to use the tools and links to the tools and supplies I use:

  10. Jeanie says:

    It looks so great! I’m trying to find a little corner of my house where I can set up shop, but am struggling. Someday, I’ll have a dedicated spot:). Right now, our 12′ dining table works:)

  11. Eva says:

    The carpet is beautiful solution of your problem, but it is also possible to change rollers of your chair. There are special ones for wooden floors.

    Soory for my English. i love your blog and your work.

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