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Emily’s Swing Dress

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

If you’ve been following along here for any length of time, you of course might know that when I make one daughter something, I usually end up making my other daughter something as well. Sometimes it’s the same thing, other times it’s different. I always have fun picking out fabrics with them and I always love their excitement.

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

I also admittedly love sewing a pattern more than once. Knowing the steps and process starting out the second time makes me able to really sink into this mode of enjoyment. I don’t have to wonder if I’m doing things right. I know it’ll work. Yes, it is fun and necessary part of sewing for me to experiment and try new things. Projects like this is not one of those times. This is for pure enjoyment. Something I know I can make with my two hands and give to my children. I don’t think sewing gets much better than that.

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

If I didn’t have projects like this I can truthfully say that I would love the creative process a lot less. I personally can’t be in the ‘all experiments all the time’ mode. This happens to be a need I’m fulfilling that’s different than the need I feel when I’m creating a new pattern. I love them both, but they fill different areas of my heart and mind.

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

So, yes, this is another swing dress made by me for my daughter Emily. But it’s much more than that.

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

Pattern: City Park Tee by Hey June (modified using Adrianna’s swing dress tutorial)
Fabric: Imprint Knit in Morse Dot by Katarina Roccella purchased from Fresh Modern Fabric

Emily's Swing Dress - Noodlehead

7 thoughts on “Emily’s Swing Dress

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Anna, what beautiful simple dresses! I love your fabric choices for both girls. Your girls are beautiful and based on the pictures, it looks like these dresses are a hit!

  2. sam says:

    I love this! What a darling pattern, and the fabric design is very cool!

  3. Regina says:

    Your daughters are so beautiful Anna. They’re becoming quite the little young ladies and look so cute in those dresses! That’s a great picture of the two of them! 🙂

  4. AmyScrapSpot says:

    Such cute dresses, and girls!
    I have to try these!

  5. mrs robinson says:

    Gorgeous fabric. I agree about the comfort of sewing a well known and well loved pattern!

  6. Amanda Jean says:

    She is adorable! That looks like one comfy dress!

  7. Karen says:

    Cool mom, wonderful dresses, great pattern hack, delightful models!

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