Beyond Cotton Felt Clutch

Felt Clutch, project from Beyond Cotton book, sewn by Anna Graham

I’m so excited for my friend Krista and her new book, Beyond Cotton. Even if I hadn’t known or been friends with Krista, I think this book is eye catching and filled with tons of great information on stamping, printing, dyeing and painting fabric. I feel like it definitely opens up a new world for those who might be intimidated to try some of these techniques. Krista’s encouraging and relatable words made me feel right at home. She’s such a genuine and kind person and it shows through in her work in this book.

Felt Clutch, project from Beyond Cotton book, sewn by Anna Graham

I’ve had my stamp carving set all ready to go and intend to try some of the fabric painting and more screen printing in my future. But first I had to try the felt and leather clutch. I had everything I needed except the felt, which I found with a quick search through etsy, a shop called Felt Planet. They had so many beautiful color choices and I snagged a couple pieces to work with. Beyond Cotton book by Krista Fleckenstein

This project was honestly so fun. It’s one of the quickest and most satisfying I’ve done in a while. I’m definitely planning on exploring more combinations and shapes and sizes, so that’s pretty exciting. I love that it took about a half hour to make and looks so polished. They’d be great for gift giving (so all those late Christmas gifts you haven’t gotten around to – this clutch would be perfect, hint hint).

Felt Clutch, project from Beyond Cotton book, sewn by Anna Graham

Lastly, my friend Holly (Bijou Lovely) took the styled photos in the book, they’re so pretty! I don’t think there’s any way you would be disappointed to add this title to your crafting and sewing library.

Pattern: Leather Wrapped Wool Clutch (from book Beyond Cotton by Krista Fleckenstein)
Felt: Felt Planet on etsy
Leather: Ortu Leather on etsy
Button Stud: Minkus Margo on etsy

Felt Clutch, project from Beyond Cotton book, sewn by Anna Graham

5 thoughts on “Beyond Cotton Felt Clutch

  1. LeAnn Frobom says:

    Awesome clutch — and another book to add to my wish list.

  2. Cathy King says:

    What thickness of felt did you use and what kind of leather? So many to choose from!! I love the clutch and your blog!

  3. Sandra W says:

    The clutch is lovely. I love using felt but really like 100% wool (the only source I’ve found for it is Purl Soho).
    What is the name of the nob that pokes through the leather?
    Would snaps work? Or would opening and closing (yanking) make a mess of the felt?
    What other closures might work?

  4. Reece says:

    This looks like a fun book I’ll have to check out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Krista says:

    It looks great Anna! I’m so glad you gave the project a try, and I can’t wait to see you try out some of the other projects and techniques!

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