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Strawberry Halloween

Strawberry Halloween Costume - NoodleheadI promised Natalie I’d make her a strawberry costume for Halloween. Thinking up costume ideas is the best, but sewing them is honestly one of my very least favorite things to do. I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s mostly because the time and effort to make something that’ll only get worn for one evening isn’t super appealing to me. Although this year Emily is going as the butterfly that I made a few years ago. So there’s that. I remember my mom making me several costumes (thanks mom). And every year in college I crafted up something spectacular. My favorite one being a bag of jelly beans (I used a giant clear garbage bag and filled it with colored mini balloons, complete with a Jelly Belly label – I think that was in 1999 – yikes!).

Strawberry Halloween Costume - NoodleheadWe did have moments of fun while making this goofy fleece thing! Stuffing it was the best part, followed by adding the yarn strawberry seeds. Oh and the headband, slammed together in a hurry, but I think it’s so cute.

Strawberry Halloween Costume - NoodleheadHope you have a fun and safe Halloween (if you celebrate)!

Strawberry Halloween Costume - Noodlehead

25 thoughts on “Strawberry Halloween

  1. Amy says:

    She is adorable!!

  2. Ruthann says:

    Too, too cute! I also made costumes for my girls…not my favorite thing to do but they have good memories of them. They’d start planning their costumes in the summer and change their minds a bazillion times. I always told them,’ what ever you tell me you want to be on October 1st that’s what your costume will be! No changing your minds after October 1st!’ This September I was visiting my daughter, son in law and grand children. We were at breakfast and my grandson was talking about what he wanted to be for Halloween. I heard my daughter say, ‘Well, no changing your mind after October 1st!’……..I just quietly smiled as I ate my pancake. Have a great Halloween!

  3. Olga says:

    OMG! It’s wonderful !!!)

  4. Katie says:

    That is so funny, I was a bag of jelly beans when I was a kid one year, and to this day it remains my favorite costume too! My mom found a picture of it and sent it to me and it made me so happy. I should blog about it, but I don’t think mine was handmade. Now I want to recreate it though!

  5. Heather says:

    So cute! Great job! I made a couple of dog costumes for someone, not my favorite thing to sew either.

  6. sewingbeefabric says:

    I love your Jelly Bean idea! Now that I’d love to see! I get put off enough sewing for Christmas clothes when you can get away with wearing them all of December so completely get your sewing for 1 night aversion! Fab strawberry though and I’m sure it’ll be a memory she’ll always look back on fondly.

  7. Donna Baker says:

    Anna, this came out so cute; you are a great mom!!

  8. Darci says:

    Super cute, I tell my kids that if I make the costumes they have to wear them for two years!

  9. Caitlin says:

    My daughter is still really young but I have been making “one size fits all” type costumes- capes, wings, etc. That way she can play dress up with them and they can be worn again down the road, or lent to a friend or family member.

  10. Karen says:

    Couldn’t be any more fun! That’s one adorable strawberry girl 🙂

  11. Ioleen says:

    Great job. Very cute strawberry. Be safe out trick or treating.

  12. Holly says:

    So freaking cute!!

  13. kristin says:

    Gah it’s adorable! Love the ridiculous overstuffed-ness of it! So cute. I’m one of those odd ducks that loves making Halloween costumes; my kids wear them year round though. 😉

  14. Jenny L says:

    I agree that my heart always sank when the need to make a fancy dress costume arose. At super cool 12 years of age my twins would not want one of my creations now. But funnily enough looking back they are the things my children remember so clearly, they are the photos we always laugh over the most and they remind me, particularly when I see the joy on your daughter’s face, that the costume may be a one off thing but the memory certainly won’t be.

  15. The strawberry is so fun! I actually love making halloween costumes (for the most part) for my kids because it’s the one time I don’t have to worry about things fitting “just right,” or seams lining up etc… Of course this year I had to make a squirrel costume for my daughter and there were a few moments of grumbling by me when there were shreds of fake fur flying everywhere in my sewing studio – that stuff can make such a mess!

  16. natalie says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean–I sewed up a dragon costume for my 7 yr old girl and she told me I should’ve made the horns “longer and much sharper” if I was going for “realism”…..Tough crowd. LOL Strawberry looks GREAT! And think of the memories made. <3 Happy Halloween!

  17. Ruby says:

    I’m so happy to hear I’m not the only lover of all things sewing that doesn’t enjoy making Halloween costumes!

  18. brianne says:

    look at the smile on her face! such a sweet costume. you’re an awesome mama!

  19. Faith says:

    Nailed it! Plus, it’s warm. Good job mama!

  20. Emily C. says:

    I don’t really enjoy making Halloween costumes either. Last year I did a fair amount of sewing for their costumes, but this year we just took the kids to Target and let them each pick something out. WAY easier.

    Despite your dislike, that’s a pretty cute looking strawberry costume! Hope you guys have a happy halloween.

  21. Melissa says:

    Your patterns are all so attractive. I have made the divided basket, super tote, rainbow clutch and almost done with the market basket from ‘Handmade Style’. It might be my favorite!

  22. Karen @runsewfun says:

    Well clearly she loves it so it was totally worth it!
    FYI: I made a Princess Leia costume for my daughter probably 20 years ago. She pulled it out last year and reworked it and wore it again…beautifully. So SAVE this awesome strawberry!

  23. Cindy says:

    How cute is this and Natalie looks adorable in it!! (I cannot believe how big she’s getting!:)

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