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Picnic Plaid Quilt – Handmade Style


Beginning with a fat quarter set of my friend Jeni‘s fabric collection Nordika, this quilt was one of the first projects I had finished formy book, Handmade Style. I really enjoyed toying around with the design and playing with color value. It’s important in fabric selection for this particular quilt, that you consider the values of each fabric. The design of this quilt relies on choosing light, medium, and dark valued fabrics. In my book, the Picnic Plaid Quilt is shown in the baby size with a more limited choice of background fabrics. I adore the simplicity of it, but I also had a great time picking a variety of fabrics for this version as well.


To try out the fabric selections I chose, I stood back and took a few black and white pics with my phone to see if I had gotten the values in the right spots. It is a bit tricky, especially when there are a lot of prints and colors to choose from. I might not have gotten the values spot on – there’s always room for improvement, right?! Overall I think it ended up being really great. Try it out though, it’s fun and a great exercise in playing with your stash!


I do love how happy this quilt is. It’s a fun beginner-friendly quilt and I hope to make another version for my own bed one of these days. I feel like I might be on a quilt kick once the cold weather settles in here. I’m even starting a work in progress pile! How about you?


Pattern: Picnic Plaid Quilt from Handmade Style
Fabrics: Nordika by Jeni Baker and quite a few other prints and some solids mixed in

Nordika Picnic Plaid Quilt by Anna Graham, pattern from Handmade Style

11 thoughts on “Picnic Plaid Quilt – Handmade Style

  1. Marta S. says:

    What a happy happy version of this quilt! I adore it, and have also been thinking of doing a bigger one for my bed because the design is so adaptable. Such a great pattern–thank you for taking the time to write and publish it! 🙂 (Also–the quilting on this guy is awesome.)

  2. brianne says:

    I love the quilting! Fun to see this pattern with jeni’s fabric. Looks so different. I love plus quilts.

  3. Aileen says:

    This is a gorgeous quilts, and the value play is amazing. Not my strong suit, so I’m full of admiration.

  4. Norma says:

    It sure is gorgeous! I wish I knew how to quilt 🙁

  5. Ioleen says:

    Very lovely. Love plus quilts.

  6. Sandra W says:

    YAY!!! I would love to see you do more quilts. Your bags are lovely–but your quilts are spectacular. Bring it on.
    It doesn’t look like it’s that’s easy though. I will revisit your book–which is also lovely BTW.

  7. jodi says:

    Great quilt, front and back!

  8. Cindy says:

    I just love this quilt!! It’s just perfect -pattern and fabric! Looks so cozy, comfy!!!:)

  9. Reece says:

    I love this so much! I think I may finally start my first quilt!

  10. Diana Manville says:

    Did anyone notice that the backing fabric requirement for the baby quilt is way off? 2.5 yards for a 39 inch square quilt is twice as much as needed.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Diana, thanks for your comment. The backing size was calculated to allow for longarm quilting. Most longarmers request an additional 8″ of backing fabric so that ends up being 47″ which is wider than most quilting cottons – thus the extra fabric needed to piece the back. Of course if you’re quilting it yourself you could go with 1 1/4 yards instead. Hope that helps! 🙂 Anna

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