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Bucket Bag + Zip Top Tote // Handmade Style


Stopping in to share a couple fun and functional bags from my book, Handmade Style. I was lucky enough to sample these two for Jennifer Sampou‘s new line Shimmer 2, which got featured in their beautiful lookbook. I really love Jennifer’s aesthetic and she keeps coming out with more goodness all the time. Have you seen she’s doing even more yarn dyes? They pretty much rock my world. Two of each please!


The Zip Top Tote is a really great size bag with a zippered top (obvious I know, sorry). I’ve always wanted a go-to zippered top bag to sew using my favorite prints and I think this one is it! I’ve made a few more featuring my fabric collection, Rain Walk, which I’ll share next week hopefully! I think this one would make a great diaper bag or beach bag, too. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to include some patchwork panels? yes!!! Be sure to check out ones made by you on Instagram using #handmadestylebook as the tag. And there are two fun hidden pockets on the exterior (see where those sunglasses are tucked in?). Gotta love a good pocket!


My favorite part of the Bucket Bag is the two front zippered pockets. Of course you could skip them if you wanted, but I like the nice bit of detail they add. I also love the drawstring closure. Instead of a fabric drawstring (don’t get me wrong – I love a fabric one) but it would be a great spot to add leather cording or cotton cording. This is such a cute style to wear, too! Be sure to check out the pictures in the book (my friend from high school was kind enough to model for me) of this bag. I think it’s so fun and casual, easy to wear and perfect for just being out and about.


Patterns: Zip Top Tote and Bucket Bag from Handmade Style
Fabric: Shimmer 2 by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, also some Essex Yarn Dyed
Zippers: Zipit on Etsy

Zip Top Tote + Bucket Bag patterns from Handmade Style by Anna Graham

21 thoughts on “Bucket Bag + Zip Top Tote // Handmade Style

  1. Mary says:

    These are beautiful bags. Can you share where you purchase the zippers with the metal pulls? Thank you!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you! yes, it’s linked up above, zipit on etsy. 🙂

  2. Trine says:

    So so beautiful! Your book is on the top of my wish list 🙂

  3. dolores says:

    FANtastic cause I’m a FAN!:) Yes…the zippers do add a lot and I love how the pulls echo the circles in the fabric. Beautiful.

    So…where did you get your stash of leather bits?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thanks Dolores! 🙂 I wrote a post about them here: https://www.blog.noodle-head.com/2014/04/lotus-pond-open-wide-pouches-leather.html

  4. Norma says:

    Great bags! They look awesome with those fabrics. Will add your book to my wish list.

  5. diane beavers says:

    Anna, “Handmade Style” is in my sewing library….arrived in the mail Tuesday, Oh my gosh I’m on Cloud Nine!!!. Thunderstorm here right now and I’m cutting the “Gingham tote”, and then the “Zip Top Tote” The zippers/zipper pockets make all of these so stylish, functional and just loveable!!!
    I too am a huge fan of Jennifer Sampou and have collections from the late 90’s (Native Plains)..Shimmer and Black and WHite have been my recent faves tho. Thanks for the info buying the metal zippers. Can’t wait for the reveal in your Rain Walk.

  6. Anya says:

    LOVE the zip top tote in grey!

  7. Your bags are lovely, cool fabrics. Am in the process of finishing your Campfire Messenger, which is another one of your fine designs. Then in a week or two I will blog about it.

  8. jennifer says:

    Love how you make my stuff look even better 🙂

  9. Irma says:

    Anna, I love the structure of your bags. I love how the top bag stands on its own. Are you still using Soft n Sable in your bags or a combination of interfacing?

  10. Leslie says:

    Oh my word. Both bags are beautiful. I love the colors.

  11. kristin says:

    ah. wonderful, anna! the zip top tote is the project i want to make next from your book!! looks so crisp and nice.

  12. Reece says:

    That bucket bag is to die for!

  13. juchulia says:

    Love your book! One of these will be my next project 🙂 I really appreciate your Poolside Tote these days (40° C/104°F in Germany).

  14. Cindy says:

    Oh my, these are gorgeous!! You do such beautiful work Anna!!:)

  15. These are so awesome. Very polished and professional, perfect fabrics. Can’t wait to start making things from the book 🙂

  16. Damiana says:

    Your bags are beautiful, simple, useful, kind of perfect. I wonder if you wash them or dry clean them.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Damiana, thanks for your comment. So glad you like my bags. 🙂 I do clean them, here’s a post about what I do: https://blog.noodle-head.com/2014/04/caring-for-your-handmade-bag.html

  17. Sara says:

    Is the pattern/tutorial for the bucket bag available somewhere?
    Thank you.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Sara, I don’t have a tutorial available, it’s a pattern available in my book, Handmade Style. Let me know if you have further questions.
      Thank you! 🙂

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