Caravan Tote & Pouch Pattern!



This one feels like it’s been such a long time in coming. I am so thrilled that it’s finally here: my newest pattern, the Caravan Tote & Pouch. I’ve made three samples of both the tote and the pouch. I may have more cut and waiting for me to sew up.

Last fall, my friend Heather (.House. of A La Mode) contacted me about a tote she had designed and we ended up turning it into this pattern! I’m super happy she let me go all crazy on fun additions and adding the bonus zippered pouch project. You know I have a soft spot for zippered pouches – and zippers in general. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop or stop by Instagram (@houseofalamode) to see what she’s up to.


I hope you’ll love this pattern, it has really fun and functional features:

  • Large exterior zippered pocket and exterior flap pocket
  • Knitting needle slip pocket & yarn guides
  • An awesome (if I do say so) bonus Zippered Pouch
  • Perfect for mixing and matching your favorite prints!


caravan lining


Approximate Finished Dimensions:
Tote: 14” H x 14 1/2” W, 23” including handle, 5” D
Pouch: 7” H x 10 3/4” W

Click Here for More Information and to Purchase


The Caravan Tote is perfect for knitters! There’s a special pocket inside the front zippered pocket that holds needles. And inside, the pocket has grommets that serve as yarn guides. Plus, they look awesome even if you don’t use them for yarn. The zippered pouch is the perfect place to stash all your knitting notions and fits neatly inside.



But of course it’s not just for knitters, I think you’ll love the organized features it has no matter how you end up using this tote. This is a fun project because you can customize it to make it work best for you!


caravan denim

I’ll share a how-to on attaching handles with rivets if you’re interested! Happy sewing and thank you so much for sharing my passion for sewing!

Framework by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka
August by Sara Watts for Cotton + Steel
Waxed Denim canvas from A.L. Frances on etsy
Notions and hardware suppliers are all linked in the pattern. Yay!


70 thoughts on “Caravan Tote & Pouch Pattern!

  1. Ingrid says:

    Love it – really classy pattern with super professional feel to it. Am def adding this to my list of must-buy patterns! 🙂

  2. Wow what a gorgeous bag, and just when I’d been thinking about making a new bag for my knitting!

  3. Ann says:

    Wonderful. Your patterns are always so excellent. Would love to see a photo of this next to the super tote and the poolside for size comparison. I know you give dimensions…but a visual reference would be great.

    1. Anna Graham says:

      good point! I’ll try and post one on Instagram. 🙂

  4. Charise says:

    It is a wonderful pattern Anna. I think I just may have to make this for my mom who is a knitter. : )

  5. Lynne Tilley says:

    This is an awesome tote. I may have to do this one for my sweet daughter-in-law who is a BIG knitter. But I could use one myself. !!! Love it.

  6. Leslie says:

    I love this tote. Your patterns are wonderful … have enjoyed making up several others, and I’m looking forward to a tutorial on the leather straps. Thanks for all you do.

  7. This looks like a brilliant pattern, Anna! Yes please to a tute on the grommets! Thanks!!

  8. lucilledupuis says:

    This looks like an excellent pattern! The pictures look delicious. Great choice of fabrics and wonderful workmanship and presentation! I don’t need or want a knitting bag, and yet I’m thinking I need this.

  9. pamelajs56 says:

    You are crazy talented, pulling these fabrics together and then what you do with them is crazy good. I am amazed! Thank you for showing the possibilities.

  10. darlene says:

    love your work …. great pattern … what interfacing did you use? would love to know ….


    1. Anna Graham says:

      Thank you! All the materials, including interfacing is noted in my shop listing. 🙂

  11. Toni Coward says:

    beautiful anna! i need a new bag, this one could be it…although i’m going to wait for your book first and see if there is one in there i like too! well done x

  12. kristin says:

    Oh man, Anna, these look so great! Beautiful fabric choices, and they look like the perfect size. Congrats on the new pattern!

  13. liz n. says:


    Um, *ahem,* I mean, oh, what a lovely tote. I must purchase the pattern as soon as possible. 😀

  14. Darci says:

    Such a good looking bag, and the pouch looks so cool. Your fabric choices are always in point. I love it in August!

  15. Darci says:

    “On point”

  16. Gorgeous!! So classic. And we’d love to see a tutorial on riveted handles. Your tutorial on snaps was great!

  17. Margaret says:

    Yes, pleas, a tutorial on the leather straps would be awesome.

  18. Katie says:

    It looks great, as always! I would love a tutorial for the riveted handles, I’ve never used rivets before 🙂

  19. Teresa says:

    Once again your pattern looks great! You are on a roll 🙂

  20. Laurel says:

    SO great!! Can’t wait to make one!! I would love a tutorial for the rivets too.

  21. Heather says:

    beautiful, professional, and stylish as is all your patterns! Can’t wait to make it! Thanks for the snap tutorial and I would love to see how you put in rivets. I’ve never attempted them.

  22. ANNA!!! this is my jam. you know that, right? now i know what i’ll be doing this weekend. yayyyyyyyy!!!

  23. Delia says:

    stunning! love love love this!

  24. Shanley says:

    Gorgeous bag. But WHERE did you find those boots?? Soo pretty!!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      The boots are from Madewell, a birthday present to myself! 🙂

      1. Jan says:

        I just went to their website and didn’t see those boots. Have never shopped them before. Will they be back next fall or once they’re gone they are really gone? I LOVE those boots!

        1. liz n. says:

          DSW has some very similar styles.

  25. Beth says:

    LOVE the bag and pouch! You are so talented!!! Adding this to my wish list:)

  26. Sona Jacob says:

    very nice patterns, both of them. the how-to on attaching handles with rivets would be most appreciated.
    the fabric choices are fab. nice boots, too! 🙂

  27. Natasha says:

    Once again, I’m very impressed! I love these bags. I want to make one for sure. Thank you!

  28. Nadeen says:

    Hooray, and congratulations! I look forward to sewing this one multiple times! I want to make an ultra-suede and leather tote first, so a rivet tutorial would be most helpful!

  29. diybypaula says:

    Love it!!

  30. Wow! These look awesome. Great job.

  31. Stephanie says:

    You’re killing me… this is gorgeous…I suppose I am going to have to make it..

  32. Blanche says:

    I LOVE the bag and the pouch, need to get the pattern!

  33. Larissa says:

    So nicely done! Great dimensions and style. I love the look of both types of handles. Congratulations, Anna!

  34. elsabean says:

    Oh, I do love the look of this tote and pouch! I’m off to get the pattern!

  35. Janelle Kerk says:

    Beautiful work! As usual 🙂
    I was wondering where you bought the leather handles.

  36. Liking the look of this. Although I am at the moment just cutting fabric for another supertote as I wanted a new ‘big’ bag. I may have just done this instead if I’d seen it first! Still a girl can never have too many bags 🙂

  37. EmilyW says:

    LOVE this! Is that Essex linen paired with the denim?

  38. Kristen says:

    This is fabulous! Can’t wait to sew one up, thank you.

  39. Brenda says:

    Oh no!!!!! I just broke my fabric fast and ordered the materials from Hawthorne Threads to make this bag. Thanks for the snap tutorial—I have been afraid to jump in and try them.

  40. Kerry says:

    What a powerhouse you and Heather make together! I love a good collaboration!

  41. carolyn says:

    Aaaahhh–I have to make both of these immediately!! LOVE love it all!

  42. Amy says:

    I was already considering making this from the Instagram photo, but seeing these photos with the detail shots of the pockets and organization…oh yeah. I’m the type that has made a new lining for a purchased purse with multiple zippered and slip pockets because the one tiny cellphone pouch pocket was simply not enough.

    1. elizabeth says:

      I thought I was the only one who did this!

      1. Amy says:

        And it’s so much better than those hideous fabrics that purses come with 😉

  43. Wow, I really love both the tote and the pouch!

  44. Lydia says:

    WOW! Love the tote & the pouch…especially in that lion/denim pattern/print! Strong work, Anna!

  45. Reece says:

    Another 2 great patterns! Nice work Anna! Your August set is gorgeous!

  46. Nic says:

    Oh Anna
    Friend and I ( in Australia) met for coffee. Often talk about sewing bags…. Checked your website and saw this new pattern. We both got very excited…. And yes please for leather handle/grommet tutorial please!

  47. Donna Baker says:

    I love it Anna, just like I love ALL your patterns!! Can’t wait to see it in YOUR fabric soon 😉

  48. Tara says:

    This solves my problem of baby boy wanting to toss my yarn ball across the room while I’m knitting with it!

  49. Cherie says:

    I’m geeking out here!! Super cute!!

  50. naptimecreationsemily says:

    this is gorgeous!!! I love it! Heading over to buy and just need to get some fabric!!!

  51. Kelly O. says:

    you are a super star! but of course, you already knew that 😉 I have cut out my pouch and am ready to get to it asap!

  52. Shannon says:

    I love this bag! I was wondering if it would be easy to adjust the pattern to make it not as wide. Would that work?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Shannon. Hmmm, it wouldn’t be super easy because you’d have to figure out which size zipper to use on the exterior. You could decrease the overall width by 2″ or 4″ and then decrease the zipper size by the same (2″ or 4″). That might mess with the lining pocket, too but I’d have to check. And it would also mess with the front pocket, too. Feel free to give it a try! 🙂

  53. Sosae says:

    This is such a gorgeous tote! Got my pattern and can’t wait to start… And yes, please please do share a how-to on attaching leather straps with rivets!

  54. Anja says:

    Beautiful, love these bags!

  55. Leslie says:

    I cannot wait to make this bag! Do you have any tips on what to do if we love a quilting cotton print for the exterior? Just add an additional layer of interfacing?

  56. Kerry says:

    Just cutting out my first caravan tote! I’m super excited. I would love a tutorial on attaching the straps with rivets, that is my favorite look.

  57. Carrie says:

    I love this bag and cant wait to make it! Do you happen to remember the color names for the fabric you used on the solid blue & tan bag? Are both the fabrics from A.L. Frances? Thank you 🙂

  58. Carolyn says:

    The tote looks great and getting ready to make. A bit confused on the cutting the way I see it, is to cut the main piece on the fold and to cut 2…very confusing considering it looks too big for what I see complete. Please advise…Thank Carolyn Gazdick

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for your comment. If you have questions feel free to send me an email (my address is located on the contact page). 🙂

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