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Union St. Tee Pattern Tour

It’s summer! And my closet is looking pretty empty. I have a lot of dumpy tees great for running in, but I need a few things that’ll look a bit nicer. And don’t get me started on shorts!

Adrianna (Hey June), you know, my stiff competition from Project Sewn? Well, she makes pretty rad patterns and this is one of them (Union St. Tee). The instructions are just right. If you’ve sewn a knit top before you’ll breeze right through. Even if you haven’t sewn a knit tee before you’ll do great! Adrianna really did a great job with keeping the instructions condensed enough, yet the perfect amount of information you’ll need to complete your project. I like to have just the right amount so I’m not stumped anywhere, but I don’t want a novel either! A little Goldie Locks I am.

The options are great! I love the v-neck, makes me wish I wore v-necks. All the different sleeve lengths really will come in handy when the seasons turn. For now I stuck with the basic scoop and short sleeve. Sure, I could have gone out to Target and found a comfy striped tee, but seriously! I made this with one yard of knit fabric that I had in my stash. It’s actually a really high quality knit I picked up in a remnant pile. Can’t get better than that.

Thanks Adrianna for inviting me along on the tour!

Pattern: Union St. Tee by Hey June

And don’t forget to check out the other great tees in the tour, today is Max California and I! Happy summer!

17 thoughts on “Union St. Tee Pattern Tour

  1. Very Shannon says:

    Love how yours turned out! I have this cut out and ready to sew soon! You look lovely! Where are your shorts and necklace from m’dear?

    1. Anna says:

      THanks Shannon!! 🙂 Can’t wait to see yours. The shorts are old navy (maybe from a couple summers ago?) and the necklace is from etsy,

  2. Corinnea says:

    You make basic look awesome.

  3. kristin says:

    sigh. now i need to bring a bigger bag when i come raid your house for all your awesome handmades. this tee is PERFECT. also, try the grainline maritime shorts! big fan.

  4. That’s a great-looking T! I don’t have much knit in my stash, good excuse to look for some in the remnant pile 🙂

  5. Sarah Harris says:

    Your top is great and while I could go to Target and get a shirt for the same cost as my fabric (or maybe less), I love the satisfaction of being able to make one for myself after my kids go to bed, which is easier than dragging them through Target for one and picking up $75 of other stuff too!

  6. YOU’VE sewn a practical and go-with-anything&everything short-sleeved T-shirt you can wear even year ’round with a cardigan or hoodie. I love the navy & white thin stripes from a better quality knit you had in your “stash!” THANKS for sharing– fab photos! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

  7. I’m always amazed when people make things that look as good, if not bette, than anything you can buy in a shop. Great job.

    Do you use an overlocker?

    1. Anna says:

      Thank you! And just a serger. 🙂

  8. Jessica says:

    looks great. I really dig the shorts you paired it with. I am with Adrianna I will definitely be pulling together a similar look from my closet!

  9. Emily says:

    Love this on you!

  10. gail says:

    the fit looks so perfect! i love the stripes, and between yours and tara’s i’m officially tempted by this pattern!

  11. Tara says:

    Catching up on my blog reading this weekend! I love your fabrics together in this outfit, plus the accent jewelry. Perfect!

  12. Eliza says:

    Green is really awesome color for you, I like this blog very much.

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