Poolside Tote – Bag of the Month

This is my newest design!  I’m so excited to finally show you.  This is for the Bag of the Month Club (if you need to refresh your memory, the whole scoop is over here).

I’m definitely excited to be able to share it here.  And of course to take it to the pool this summer!

If you haven’t signed up for the Bag of the Month Club, you still can!  There’s just one month left but you can get all the patterns right away (except you’ll have to wait for June’s design).

Click here to learn more about the Club and join!

After the club is over the Poolside Tote will be available like a regular PDF pattern on my site (and in print shortly after). I’ll be sure to let you know when. And will fill you in on all the juicy details.

This tote has a couple fun exterior pocket options, a zippered pocket and a slip pocket.  I love being able to have a really big bag just to pile things in on our way out the door. I’ll probably be sewing up a few other versions and posting them in a few weeks, too. Can’t resist!

There you go! Thanks for joining along, your support and friendship means so much to me.

Also, I loved reading all your fun trips planned for the summer!  Lots of babies being born and moving and trips to the beach!  Oh and sewing, too, of course!

The winner of the Arizona Fat Quarter bundle was Taya,
who said: “Well, I’m not sure if it qualifies as “fun” but we’re moving house this summer. What will be fun is having some space to start sewing again!”

Congrats Taya!!  Have fun sewing with these in your new space!

43 thoughts on “Poolside Tote – Bag of the Month

  1. Anya says:

    Love it!! I can’t wait until you release the pattern on your site. I need one for the beach!

  2. Kelly says:

    I have been wanting a huge tote for the beach, I’ll be sure to get this when it comes out on your site!

  3. Julie says:

    Seriously? Love everything you do and cant wait to order and make this one.

  4. Great tote! I love it! 🙂

  5. Charise says:

    Gorgeous tote Anna! Need to make one for summer 😉

  6. Allison says:

    I LOOOOOVE this….I need to start making myself bags!!!

  7. Gina says:

    you make the best patterns! as soon as i finish a couple of projects i am treating myself to a couple of your patterns!!!

  8. I like it! It’s the perfect bag for summer…

  9. Vera says:

    Great! All your versions are looking so good!

  10. Gorgeous bag, you are such a talented designer!!!

  11. aangto says:

    Love the totes you made! Looking forward to the pattern!

  12. pippablue says:

    Love this bag! I could really use something this big and i have the perfect fabric in my stash !

  13. HannaPurzel says:

    Such wonderful!!!

  14. Nilya says:

    Gorgeous bag, glad I got my bag of the month pattern 🙂

  15. ok, seriously dying to make this one!

  16. Isisjem says:

    I love all the different version of this bag. Can’t wait until it’s released as a non club pattern

  17. Darcy says:

    We carried ours to the farmer’s market and the zoo this weekend and when we got home my husband commented on how it’s a “genius design” with the elbow cut-out! I think if you have the boys loving it too it’s a clear winner 😉

  18. MeganW says:

    Gosh, you design the best bags! I think, “hmmm… I should make a bag and it should be like…” And then you just go ahead and do it for me. 🙂

  19. Kristie says:

    Cannot wait until this comes out on your site. This is exactly what I need! Thanks for reading my mind. 🙂

  20. So lovely!! What fabric did you use for the exteriors?? I love that look!

  21. Michele says:

    Can’t wait to find it on your site!!

  22. Kelli Ward says:

    I LOVE this bag. I am definitely going to be making it once it’s available on it’s own. Such a great modern shape.

  23. Melissa says:

    Love this bag — perfect summer tote! I look forward to buying in a couple months 🙂

  24. eva maria says:

    Oh, it’s nice! And biiiig 🙂 Excellent for summer outings with my three kids!

  25. Maria says:

    Gorgeous design and can’t wait to make one. It’s ideal for taking my sewing things with me when I go visit my daughter.

  26. Katy Cameron says:

    Great idea with the cut out for your arm

  27. Anna says:

    Me encanta este modelo!!! Es genial!!!!

  28. amandajean says:

    I love the bag! And it’s size looks perfect! I have one large bag I made last winter. It’s huge. But I am always amazed that I manage to fill it every single time!

  29. love the simplicity of this one and how you can highlight a special fabric on the strap!

  30. Kirsten says:

    This looks like the perfect summer beach bag! Just wondering how much fabric you need to make it so I can get everything organised for when the pattern is released?

  31. Amber says:

    Just finished mine! Just wanted to let you know that it was a great pattern! I’ll post pictures soon. It was the first time I’ve done a facing like that. Thanks!

  32. amy says:

    LOVE it Anna!!!! Such a great summer bag!

  33. Christina says:

    Can’t wait until this pattern is released on it’s own! Gonna make a great summer bag for beach trips and just out and about!

  34. it’s super cute, anna!

  35. kristin says:

    oh anna i love it! totally need a new poolside bag too, the one i normally use is literally coming apart at the seams. old navy. sheesh.

  36. Kaylee says:

    Awesome! That’s a pretty sweet bag!

  37. Taya@TypeB says:

    Thanks again, Anna, for the giveaway. And I am very excited to add this new bag to my noodlehead repertoire! I like a big carry-all bag, too!

  38. I must make this bag!!! Love it! Can’t wait for the pattern in June. xx

  39. Very Shannon says:

    That is one awesome bag! you are the bag queen girl! Great job!!!!

  40. I love the angled contrast straps!

  41. Can’t wait for the pattern!! This is a perfect bag for what I need!!!!

  42. Sue Connell says:

    I’m confused. The comments are from 2014, but the Bag of the Month Club seems to be for 2015, at least it is posted on the Noodlehead blog in 2015. I would like to get the Messenger Bag pattern, but don’t know if it was available in July 2014 or will be available in July 2015 and how to get it. (download version.) Thanks. The bags look great!


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