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Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s day!

(that’s my Grandma’s copy of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, handed down to me, yay!)

I’m over at the Kokka blog today showing off my Social Tote that I made with their new collection: Irome.

I ended up taking way too many pictures of this little guy.  It’s too much fun putting things in it and moving it around my house.  I already have another one cut out and ready to go.  I had such a great time designing this guy for Carolyn, you can read more about it here.  Once you make one I guarantee you’ll want to make one for all of your crafty friends!

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your comments and questions and everything so much.

Pattern: Social Tote
Fabrics: Irome by Kokka and Interweave Chambray in Pepper by Robert Kaufman

25 thoughts on “irome social tote

  1. I like this . I am going on a quilting course in june so maybe I will have time to make this before then.

  2. aangto says:

    Beautiful! I love the purple thread quilting.

  3. Darcy says:

    Wow – that fabric is gorgeous! I can totally understand why you’d want to keep on taking pictures of it 😉

  4. dana says:

    This is so fabulous Anna! Love the colors, the size, and the touch of leather.

  5. Thats more then adorable!!!
    I want one too 🙂

  6. dolores says:

    Oh goodness…that is freaking adorable. If I had little ones it would be the perfect little tote for their lego people!:)

  7. Ooh, I love the little leather scrap accent-have been playing around with some repurposed leather on your own bag designs. Very fun. Wonderful work as always.


  8. And btw, I have THE SAME sewing book I bought as a teenager and an 80s era Vogue Knitting Reference book to match. 🙂

  9. buggin2stamp says:

    What an adorable little tote! I just ordered a copy using your link. Thanks for designing such a cool little organizer tote!

  10. Very Shannon says:

    Ohhhhh…love how this turned out!

  11. margaret says:

    very nice bag, I too have the Readers Digest book, refer back to it al lot also have their Complete guide to Needlework which is also very good

  12. Farm Quilter says:

    Great bag!! Now I want one…made by your oh-so-clever hands!!!

  13. Ines says:

    Such a nice tote! I would like to come and visit your home. Now you must have hundred totes already :-).

    Hugs Ines♥

  14. Franziska says:

    You’re right. Currently I’m cutting pieces for no. 2. 😉
    I love the combination of the fabrics. Not too busy, but still cherish. Well done.

  15. so cute!!! I love your bags/totes well pretty much everything!

  16. Steph Zerbe says:

    yep, I need to make this one too! I love the idea of having the removable pin cushion and a way to move around my sewing essentials. One day my main craft table will be for sewing, then stamping, then sewing again. This will make the transition a little smoother. Thanks for making another!

  17. kristin says:

    oh it’s so awesome. i think i need to make a social tote. when? not sure. but i need one.

  18. Oh I had that book at school – I wonder what happened to it!?

  19. that is as cute as it gets, and great fabric, too!

  20. so cute! And I used to have that book and donated it to Goodwill. *sigh* Big mistake!

  21. Love the tote….. so where can I purchase the pattern? Inquiring minds…. Nancy

  22. Janice says:

    I have been wanting to make this since you first gave us a peak at it.
    I really wish it was a downloadable pattern like yours.
    I will have to wait until it comes to Canada. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  23. MICHELLE says:

    I finally found the pattern in stock! I can’t wait to give it a try.

  24. Ramona says:

    I would take way too many photos of this one too. This is, hands down, my favorite version of the Sewcial Tote I’ve seen to date. I have the pattern on my table…need to make this one.

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