lotus pond open wide pouches + leather scraps

Remember I said I had a few Lotus Pond scraps leftover?  Well, I couldn’t help myself and had to sew these medium and large size Open Wide Pouches.  I couldn’t resist pairing them with the denim and pretty colored zippers.

Like I said before, a zippered pouch is one of my favorite things to sew, what else can I say?

I have gotten a few questions about the leather scraps I’ve been using.  My cousin gave me a bag of leather scraps from after she visited a local moccasin making company (thanks Jennifer!).  I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing with them, the scraps were fairly small with a lot of irregularities.  They were just that – scraps from shoe making!  Well, I’ve cut them into thin strips to make into zipper pulls, I cut them thin and long enough to thread through the zipper pull.  I love the way it looks and it’s super functional!  I also used the leather for Emily’s coat that I made.  I just winged it and tried to make it so the draw cord wouldn’t slip back through the casing.  Just used my sharp scissors and cut a few ovals that had 2 slots for the cord to slip through. I’ve now added leather pulls to my shop!

Well, I have a cluster of projects to share starting at the end of this week, too, just to warn you.  I’m not quite sure how it all happened, but somehow I have four things to post on one day.  Oops.  I guess you can say I’m not the best at scheduling.  But don’t worry, I’ll spare you from four posts and will spread it out over a few days. Exciting things though, I’m so excited to share them with you.

Thanks so much for hanging out here!  I think I even have a giveaway planned!

33 thoughts on “lotus pond open wide pouches + leather scraps

  1. DKB says:

    Love pouches too, they satisfy the urge to create. so simple.
    snails look so cute paired with bright blue.

  2. dolores says:

    One can never have enough zippy pouches! Great to have on hand for a gift too!

    I just can’t get over that you get that leather through the little hole in the zippers!:)

  3. Looking good! I need to make a bunch more of these. Such a great shape, Anna!

  4. Sara says:

    I bought a couple little leather scraps from a cute fabric shop in Savannah, not knowing what I would do with them but loved the shiny blue and they were so soft, this is a perfect idea! I LOVE your zipper pouches!

  5. So great as usual. Reminds me how much I love this pattern! Thanks.

  6. Lynne Tilley says:

    I’m going to be on the lookout now for scraps of leather, from any sources, especially something lightweight and soft. I keep seeing this used and I know I’d love that. Yours are fabulous! Look forward to your surprise posts. You always have something good going on. I just love your posts and your blog. Thanks!

  7. terrieannie says:

    I love the snails! Can’t wait for the Lotus line to be released…..

  8. Sarina says:

    Love your pouches! You are the master.

  9. Katie says:

    I love the open wide pouch — it’s my favorite to give and to keep. I have a larger one for all my quilting tools and it makes accessing them so easy. these are adorable

  10. Heike says:


  11. Marilyn says:

    Love the bags. Have to go on my to do list

  12. aangto says:

    I really love this pattern and always love all your fabric combos!

  13. Katy Cameron says:

    Great use for the leather!

  14. Debbie Faber says:

    I have to say that your blog is one of my favorites. I cannot tell you how many ideas I get from you. Made two of those duffle bags, one for each grandson (they are perfect for weapons says the 4 year old, but I noticed mama packed them for a sleepover here this week), a wallet for the 4 year old and numerous pouch bags that I have used as a personal addition for a graduation gift (check inside) I thank you.

  15. Debbie Faber says:

    Oh, and one more thing about the leather…don’t forget you can cut up those old purses for leather scraps, even wallets that have become overloved 🙂

  16. Terry says:

    Love those pretty pouches! I need to find a source for bulk zippers…

  17. The fabric you used for these is sooo cute! It pairs perfectly with the denim. Did you just make up a patter or did you follow a store bought pattern for these.

  18. Love these! Great fabric.

  19. Beautiful! You should just make these…forever! So perfect! And I knew I was keeping my teeny tiny fabric scraps fora reason!

    1. I meant teeny tiny leather scraps…that makes more sense!

  20. kristin says:

    these are great! love those bright zips. i don’t make enough zip pouches but i’m always happy with myself when i do. 🙂

  21. Cindy says:

    Love your adorable pouches!! Super cute!! Love the pretty zippers and the leather pulls just add to it!:)

  22. Rae says:

    super cute!! Love these. 🙂

  23. Ann says:

    How do you do the side patterns following your pattern? These look wonderful with the denim on the sides. Is that denim from a bolt or from old jeans? Love your blog!

  24. Lucinda Poel says:

    You seriously rock the pouches! I always love, love your versions of this great pattern:) These are no exception – what great fabric choices!!

  25. gail says:

    these are so happy and lovely! i can’t believe i’ve never made a zip pouch…it needs to be remedied. 🙂

  26. Very Shannon says:

    Dying over these! No matter how many times I make pouches they are never as awesome as yours! Love the fabric pairings!

  27. Colleen Slack says:

    What interfacing do you recommend to get them to stand up well? I tried with SF101 on the exterior fabric but they’re still a little floppy. Do you do SF101 on exterior and lining or use a different weight? Thanks!

    1. Anna Graham says:

      Hi Colleen,
      Thanks for your comment. I do recommend SF101. It all depends on your fabric type though, a thin quilting cotton will be more floppy than a canvas even with the interfacing. You could definitely interface the lining. 🙂

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