Project Sewn: Fall Mod Dress

Yay! Project Sewn is here.  Boy am I glad it’s here, because my procrastination was killing me. Seriously, I love waiting until the last minute, nothing like having things go terribly awry to keep you on your toes, right?  So here’s my entry for the Little Black Dress theme:  Fall Mod.

So after spending about 10+ hours tediously embroidering on some linen in hopes of turning it into a fabulous bodice for a dress, I finished said dress and felt super blah about it.  I suppose I could have made it work with some fancy modeling poses, but it didn’t feel like the kind of dress I would wear plus it just was too messed up.  I had made a muslin for it, but things have their own way with linen and my skillful hands (ahem – not quite).

Well, if this competition doesn’t make a person realize how much they still have to learn about dressmaking, I don’t know what would. Test time!  I am proud of myself though, I had fun devising my own little construction methods to put this dress together.  It began with a Laurel Dress (Colette Patterns), some Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen, and a bit of luck.  After making my Laurel dress the first time, I knew a few things I needed to alter.  So I adjusted the arm syc and the bust darts.  For the neckline I made a partial lining to accommodate the v-notch.  I really love the shape.  I also used french seams throughout, love that about having a 5/8″ seam allowance.

To compliment the neck cut out, I added sleeve facings with the same v-notch.  I like the sleeve length and it’s really comfortable to wear, no need for a cardigan, that’s a first.  I think this dress could look quite fancy, but I wanted to try and make it more casual so I might actually wear it once in a while.  I added big patch pockets and some embroidery details.  I use some perle cotton and stitched along the neckline, sleeves, and the top of the pockets.  I wish the brown was a bit lighter in color to make it a bit more noticeable, but it’s what I had on hand.  I still like the detail if even it’s only me who notices it.

And can I just say that the Washers Linen is great?!  It’s got such a great feel to it, plus it’s blended with rayon so the drape is quite lovely as well.  I’m glad I had enough forethought to buy it in a few more colors.

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35 thoughts on “Project Sewn: Fall Mod Dress

  1. This is so cute and suits you very well πŸ™‚

  2. Jeni says:

    You are too cute! Love the dress, I cast my vote! πŸ™‚

  3. Vanessa says:

    Love the dress – it’s modern + stylish, fits you so well, and looks like it would be really versatile – great job!!!

  4. Darcy says:

    Tall, gorgeous and talented?! You’re killing me here πŸ˜‰ Love the dress!

  5. Love the dress and those details. Voted πŸ™‚

  6. DKB says:

    yeah, you look really tall. Are you tall? The dress is really cute and i love your hair

  7. Krista says:

    Geez, you are gorgeous! And the dress too. I love the little stitches at the neck and sleeves. Those sleeves really are perfection. Yay! Nice work.

  8. это очень красивое платье!

  9. Pat Converse says:

    Love the dress . . . Nice job. Voting done!
    pnconverse at hotmail dot com

  10. Laurel says:

    Agree…you are gorgeous and this dress is awesome! Love the pockets and stitching details!

  11. Ines says:

    You are looking great in this black dress!
    ♥ it Ines

  12. Kelli says:

    You look stunning in this! I love the little details of the notch on the sleeves and the embroidery. It looks great with the boots but will also look great with a cardigan and tights when the weather cools off. Great job Anna!

  13. arajane says:

    oh for goodness sake, you are so adorable! and the dress isn’t half bad either. πŸ˜‰ seriously, i just love the embroidery detail you added.

  14. You got my vote. I love the simplicity and rawness to this dress.

  15. Vicki Posten says:

    I like the length of both the sleeves and the skirt! So very cute.

  16. Charise says:

    Hi Anna
    Love your dress – it is my favorite! It looks so great on you! I think I need to make it for myself. : )

  17. Jeannie says:

    You did a great job and the hand stitch detail is so cool! You look wonderful!

  18. It suits you very well.

  19. oh, I really really like this! I would wear that in a heartbeat and I think it’s totally your style… I hope some day you will share a photo of the 10+ hours of embroidery…

  20. I started with a different dress design to then switched… I like you wanted something I would wear. I adore this dress! The pockets are perfect… I love it with your boots! Have you started for next week yet? Me, just started today !

  21. Oooh, a touch of sixties vibe going on here! Well done, and it’s often the details that are subtle that are truly the best! Hope you can use the embroidered piece for something else.

  22. Julia Bobbin says:

    It’s a gorgeous dress and fits you perfectly! I love all the extra subtle details you’ve added to it, really makes it all that more unique. I love how you styled it also. Well done!

  23. Sew Much Ado says:

    I love love love this Anna! The little details are perfect, and it looks fabulous on you!

  24. flowerpress says:

    Beautiful! And it looks lovely on you πŸ™‚

  25. DA E says:

    you are super cute! and i love the stitching…great idea to use the brown

  26. Elsa says:

    Love this dress on you ~ so 70’s! I voted too (for you, of course)!

  27. You look great, Anna! What a pretty dress!

  28. Tabet says:

    Sweet pictures! πŸ™‚


  29. Katy Cameron says:

    Love that last pic especially, but you look great :o)

  30. kristin says:

    You’re gonna want to make sure that lock is still securely on your closet…there may be some late-night thievery when it comes to this dress. I LOVE IT.

  31. I think I would wear something like this all the time! I love what you did with the pattern.

  32. Sabrina says:

    I really love your LBD. Love the handstitched detail.

  33. Emily says:

    Love this! It’s gorgeous and so you.

  34. Lovely dress and such sweet pics! I love those little notch details.

  35. eddcox says:

    Le Magnifique!

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