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Kat Dress - NoodleheadKat Dress - Noodlehead
I had planned for at least a couple months to make a dress for a friend’s upcoming wedding.  Of course I waited until the day before to start cutting pieces and then put off actually sewing the dress until the day of the wedding.  Good thing it was a late afternoon wedding! And yes, it was me who was hemming the dress as my family was walking out the door to go.


Kat Dress - Noodlehead
Kat Dress - Noodlehead

I had picked out my favorite print from Julia Rothman’s Miscellany collection for Cloud 9 a long time ago to someday make into a dress or top.  I had also bought the Kat Dress Pattern from Grainline a long time ago just for kicks.  Sensing a theme?  I knew this would probably be one of my only opportunities to make a fancy dress for myself.  Boning? Check! Never tried it before, sounded intimidating, but it was so fun – no sweat!

Kat Dress - Noodlehead

I did make a couple muslins of the top, I was pretty worried about getting the fit right, but it’s great.  I also knew I’d never feel totally comfortable with a strapless dress, so I added some thin straps as I was sewing, and just ended up tying them behind my neck.

Kat Dress - Noodlehead


Kat Dress - Noodlehead
[looks like someone needs to buy some hook + eye closures]

And, in my typical fashion, I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up with a finished dress but with a couple exposed seams on the inside.  I didn’t care though, but if I make the dress again I have to figure out where I went wrong.  The dress was still super comfy to wear.

Kat Dress - Noodlehead

I also made a tie for my husband.  It was kind of fun, nothing too difficult, lots of hand sewing.  He liked it, wore it, even spilled on it. Good thing it’s cotton.

Kat Dress - Noodlehead

Pattern:  Kat Dress by Grainline
Size: 8, some bust adjustments, added straps, skipped the colorblocking
Fabric: Candy Trees by Julia Rothman for Cloud 9 Fabrics
Tie: Purl Bee Father’s Day Tie Tutorial

Kat Dress - Noodlehead


44 thoughts on “kat dress

  1. Jenny says:

    It’s fabulous.

  2. Anna – this is GORGEOUS!!! So love that dress, looks like something straight from Anthro…that I want!

  3. gail says:

    hubba hubba!! you’re gorgeous, anna! that fabric is so unique and beautiful, perfect for the dress. and a matching tie?! you’re amazing 🙂

  4. Poppyprint says:

    Totally rocked it!

  5. Sabs says:

    You look fab!

  6. You are rocking this dress Anna! I love it!

  7. wow there is no way I could make a dress the morning of the wedding. that is amazing. The dress is pretty spectacular too. Love it

  8. Great fit on the bodice, and I love that you were making it up to the last minute- I have done that sooo many times!

  9. Nilya says:

    Wonderful Dress. Looks gorgeous on you!

  10. That is a gorgeous dress and the fabric choice is perfect. Hard to believe you made it in such a short time frame. I wish it didn’t take me months to finish clothes!

  11. Eva says:

    what a great summer dress!

  12. Very pretty! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. Roslyn says:

    Stunning – fabric and pattern are a perfect combo. Sounds like you were so calm under pressure, I would have been freaking out on the morning of the wedding!

  14. You are so good!

  15. Beverly says:

    You look so cute in that dress!!Good job.

  16. Caitlin T. says:

    Gorgeous! It looks great on you and it’s such a fun fabric choice!

  17. Tabet says:

    beautiful pics and a great outfit! 🙂

  18. Lucinda Poel says:

    you look beautiful! Great job on the dress – and tie as well:) It’s a lovely print that clearly works for both male and female attire.

  19. Elsa says:

    Sweet dress ~ you look fab in it!

  20. Jeni says:

    So super cute! Looks awesome on you!

  21. Debbie says:

    Super cute, yes! And I love that you made hubs a coordinating tie! 😉

  22. Luch says:

    So gorgeous! I love yours way better than the one shown with the pattern! Great fabric too!

  23. What a great print for that dress! The straps are a good call. I think they make it prettier, actually. Way to go on tackling boning.

  24. crafterhours says:

    oh man, I love it!! I’ve looked at that pattern countless times but never pulled the trigger because I’d never seen it made by a “real” person. Now I’m so tempted – you made it look fab!

  25. You look just awesome in that dress Anna! Great job!

  26. Sew Much Ado says:

    Love this Anna! And what a perfect fit, it looks awesome on you. Pretty curls too!

  27. says:

    What a beautiful dress! I love it!

  28. Madalynne says:

    Whoa! You are a speedy seamstress. You go girl! Glad you made the wedding in time and with a man to match!

  29. Martha says:

    Anna the dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous wearing it.

  30. Marla says:

    I thought about making ties but though they would look odd constructed out of 100% cotton as opposed to silk. What do you think?

  31. Joanna says:

    Impressively quick work and great rendition, well done!

  32. Vanessa says:

    That dress looks amazing – especially considering your time crunch!

  33. kristin says:

    wow it’s aweeeeesome. i hadn’t noticed this dress until jen did her maxi version recently, but now it’s on my “someday to sew” list…looks so great on you, love the tie too!

  34. Vicki says:

    How very, very cute!

  35. Truly Myrtle says:

    Looks wonderful – the morning of the wedding!!!?!! Crazy (but very clever) lady 🙂

  36. Emily says:

    Wow! Beautiful! Love the tie too. 🙂

  37. Oh my gosh. Is there anything you can’t do?? Love the dress! Do you have a pattern you like for ties? The husband would melt if I made him one.

  38. Stunning! Looks amazing on you.

  39. Cindy says:

    Really cute, Anna! Looks gorgeous on you! Love the tie too!:)

  40. Yeah! That looks awesome on you!

  41. Delia says:

    You are gorgeous. Love it with the straps and that fabric is perfect!

  42. Carolyn says:

    This looks absolutely amazing on you! Perfect fit! Perfect fabric choice!

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