Starry and Wild Valentines

I was *this* close to just going and buying some Valentines.  But my girls and I talked about making Valentines and we came up with some really fun ideas together!

Emily is in four year old Kindergarten and they’ve been studying about hibernation, so we decided these fun little animals in a wild theme would be fun.  I know my kids love these figurines (from Michaels).  [background fabric is Field Study by Anna Maria Horner]

I printed the cards, punched holes in the one side, wrapped embroidery floss around the animals and then looped it through the back of the card and taped it.  Done!  Easy for the kids to bust open and get to playing.

For Natalie’s 1st grade class I wanted to make something that both the boys and the girls would like.  Natalie has been obsessed with getting some glow in the dark stars, so that was our starting point.  I did a quick starry valentine and printed them out.  Then we taped two sparkly crayons (from Target) with washi tape on each card.  [background fabric is Constellations by Lizzy House]

Each Valentine also got two glow in the dark stars (found them at Michaels) and then we slipped the Valentine into a clear wrapper.  I printed these on white paper just in case the kids wanted to get right to work and do some coloring with the crayons.

I’m excited to send them off to school!

And just for fun, if you want to make some of your own you can download the printables here:
Starry Valentines
Wild Valentines

Have a fun Valentine’s Day!!

13 thoughts on “Starry and Wild Valentines

  1. Erin says:

    You are such a great mom, Anna! When Millie is older I’m coming to you for inspiration (and tips!). Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Elsa says:

    These are both really creative ideas ~ especially like the Wild Valentine ~ I a bit partial to plastic animals! What a sweet thing to do with your girls!

  3. Sarah says:

    Love!! Anna, so cute!!

  4. claudia says:

    How cute are those Valentine Cards? You are a super mom to do this with your kids!

  5. Jo Ann says:

    Awesome idea! They are super cute!

  6. Those are darling! I love it!

  7. This is the most bizarre US custom, but very very cute!!!

  8. Debbie says:

    Cute and simple. Perfect

  9. kristin says:

    ACK! These are so cute. If we hadn’t bought some just yesterday…! I feel like store bought valentines are getting smaller and lamer as time goes on. Get off my lawn. 🙂

  10. Ashleigh says:

    These are adorable! Now I’m sad my kids already made theirs! Must pin for next year!

  11. DKB says:

    So cute, and I love that they are candy free!

  12. Delia says:

    Um..you’re out of this world! So cute Anna! 🙂

  13. **nicke... says:

    you are such a good mom. my poor kids had to have store bought valentines! gasp! 😉

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