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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Megan and Jeni again (and Megan’s wonderful mother) a couple weekends ago.  It’s so fun to be able to chat about sewing stuff, almost everyone else I know gets bored with sewing talk way too quickly.  Anyway, last time we had gotten together I didn’t sew much, but this time I was determined to make something!

This is one of those projects I’ve been meaning to make for years.  Really. So I threw my supplies together and figured I might make some progress on it.  I followed ps i quilt’s grocery bag dispenser tutorial.

Happy to say I walked away with two finished grocery bag dispensers, all quilted and ready to go!  I can’t wait to wash mine and see it get all crinkly.  Of course, I made the other one for my mom.  It was a fun and quick project!

I used charms from two charm packs I had gotten from Windham fabrics, one is Bella by Lotta Jansdotter, the other is Glimma (soon to be released) by Lotta Jansdotter as well.  At first I wasn’t super excited by the colors, but when they’re all quilted, it’s so pretty!

Mine’s already stuffed full!

23 thoughts on “grocery bag thingys

  1. They look awesome, Anna! I have one that I bought at a dollar shop ages ago and always wanted to make one with nicer fabric. Now I feel inspired to have a go:)

  2. Kate says:

    They are great, was just thinking I need one so thanks for the tutorial lik.

  3. Annabella says:

    Oh it does look amazing – beautiful and practical. Love love.

  4. Rachel O. says:

    We have a metal one, but it gets fingerprints ALL over it. Drives me crazy – it always looks dirty. A fabric one would be super cute and great.

  5. Jeni says:

    Yay! They turned out so cute! Always have a great time when we get together! 🙂

  6. Just had my ‘why didn’t I think of that!?’ Moment for the day! I made one not long ago but never even thought of making a quilted style one, mine was simply a cute fq, without any lining or such. It’s cute of course and I love the fabric pop of color when I open my pantry but I wish I had of quilted it! My mum has been asking for one also, since she seen mine! Maybe I will quilt one for her! 🙂

  7. boy, do I need one of those! I am sick of bags being everywhere!

  8. Truly Myrtle says:

    Me too – YEARS – since my last one fell apart. I love that you’ve used charm squares – how totally convenient!

  9. Eve says:

    I just need one of those! But I forgot it;) So thanx for remind me to make one!

  10. Kat says:

    A “bag thingy” has been on my list for years. I’m going to look at the pattern now and I think this will be my next small project. I love the fabrics you used, they look beautiful together.

  11. kristin says:

    Those fabrics are great together! I just hauled two giant plastic bags full of other plastic bags back to the grocery store yesterday; these would be much better for storage. :/

  12. Katy Cameron says:

    This has been on my list for yonks too, plus a bag to hold new packs of washing up sponges and the like, but these things always seem to get put off when more exciting things some along ;o) Yours look great though, maybe the random charm packs I have need to be pressed into use…

  13. Jen says:

    So pretty, Anna! This has been on my list for years, too. Maybe I can make one soon…hopefully! 😉

  14. Karin says:

    Very nice colors.

  15. So much more stylish that my IKEA plastic tube!!

    1. Emily's Mum says:

      Hahaha always a woman of class!

  16. i love your ‘bag thingy’s’…really cute, and useful too! great gift idea. thanks for sharing.

  17. Christina says:

    OH I love this! What perfect fabric for this project. I’m off to find myself some fat quarters so I can make one, too! 🙂

  18. Lieke says:

    This is exactly what I need!

  19. **nicke... says:

    i have been meaning to make one for myself for YEARS!!!!!!!!

  20. I love yours. Thank you for sharing the tute! I need to make one of these and get the grocery bags off the floor of the pantry. It drives me nuts!

  21. glad you enjoyed my tutorial. yours are SUPER cute. 🙂

  22. **nicke... says:

    this week is the week that i make this!!!!!

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