divided basket pattern testers and your baskets!

I’m always so thankful for my pattern testers, they always provide such great insight into a pattern.  So for the Divided Basket Pattern I was super excited to have a few friends help me out!

Here’s Lindsay’s version (LR Stitched), she did an amazing job with her fabric selection! And if you check out her post on the project, she lists a ton of great ideas for ways you can use the basket.

I was excited to have Gail [Probably Actually] help out again, her newest little guy sure is a cutie!  Plus I am always drooling over her beautiful fabric choices. She made not one, but two pretty baskets!  And she loaded them with tons of great goodies.

And I had to ask Darcy from Modern Cozy to help!  I got to meet Darcy at Sewing Summit last fall.  She’s such a nice person and has a love for homemade donuts like I do.  What more can I say?  You had me at donut.  You can read more about her baskets she made here.

I also had my friends June and Darcy review the pattern, they always give me great feedback, even if they haven’t had time to sew up the basket yet!  Now that’s a skill in itself!  Thank you!

I am so thrilled by the response from this pattern and it’s so wonderful to see divided baskets already in the flickr group!  Here’s a little round up of what you’ve been up to so far:

1. Divided Basket – Noodlehead Pattern, 2. IMG_9092, 3. Soooo many ideas for this thing 🙂 Pattern by Noodlehead, 4. Divided Basket-Diaper Caddy, 5. From Noodle head patterns, 6. Basket, 7. Noodlehead divided basket, 8. Divided bag with ruby star sparkle, 9. Divided Basket

36 thoughts on “divided basket pattern testers and your baskets!

  1. Jenny says:

    Ok, I’m in. 🙂

  2. Anna Veit says:

    Did anyone else have trouble sewing around the top with the topstitch as you finish the basket? My Singer keeps looping thread underneath? I switched to a size 14 needle, but with all the layers, it just doesn’t want to sew right?

    I have several baskets done, just waiting to finish them! GREAT PATTERN. I have had so much fun making them.

    1. Anna says:

      Hi Anna,
      You might want to try just taking out the bobbin and putting it back in again, sometimes it can be as simple as that to fix.

    2. Anna Veit says:

      Thanks, I’ll try that!

  3. Anna Veit says:

    Oops, another question. I am guessing the pattern would work if I eliminated the divider?

    1. Anna says:

      yes, you certainly can, just make sure you account for the seam allowance on each side of where the divider would normally be sewn in. 🙂

    2. Darcy says:

      I made one without the divider – I just used the exterior pattern piece as the lining pattern piece too and it worked out great 🙂

  4. gail says:

    thanks for letting me test, anna! your patterns are the best!! i see many more of these baskets in my future 🙂

  5. Grandma G says:

    Those baskets are all so cute!! I love that there’s a divider inside. The only thing I would do differently would be to put the handles on the other sides, so that it could be carried with one hand. It might not look so much like a ‘basket’ then, but it’d be much handier to carry. I decided that after making a couple of Ayumi’s baskets. 🙂

    1. Anna says:

      Yep! that’s the great thing about sewing, making things just how you want them. 🙂

  6. La Pantigana says:

    Muy bonitas, qué variedad

  7. Sandra :) says:

    AAAaaah perfect timing – I had just loaded my new gift card onto my Paypal account and already had this basket on my WANT! Pinterest board – as soon as I read this post and saw all the photos I got dressed, fixed my hair and make-up and drove to the nearest store … I mean I clicked a few times and PRESTO – the pattern is downloaded – gotta love the internet! I’m going to try these for Easter baskets for the g-niece-and-nephews – thanks for another cute project to make!

  8. JuneBug says:

    Look at all those baskets! Proof positive you’ve made another winning pattern, Anna 🙂

  9. Wow….I have the pattern on my sewing table….and these examples are soooooooo fantastic. I am going to begin today! T

  10. Kelly says:

    They all look so fabulous. Just waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can make mine. So excited!

  11. DKB says:

    Easter baskets, what a great idea. Proof that this isn’t just another basket pattern!
    So pleased to be a tester
    Thanks Anna!

  12. ‘Finishing a bassinet project right now, but hope to sew a basket or two this weekend! What an inspiring collection of baskets! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  13. Farm Quilter says:

    Just love your baskets!!! I need to make some for my daughter…expecting a baby in May!!! 🙂

  14. Darcy says:

    So fun to be included – thanks again! And now seeing all these other cool versions has me wanting to go sew MORE of them 🙂

  15. Ellieboo says:

    I love this basket – definitely my next project

  16. **nicke... says:

    this is such a great pattern anna! i need to give it a go. i think it would be great for all the toys that are strewn around my entire house!

  17. Eva says:

    such lovely baskets! I cut and prepared my basket pieces this week, so I’m looking forward to sewing it next week! 🙂 It’s such a cool and versatile pattern!

  18. Jess says:

    How does one be a pattern tester?

  19. Jess says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. charlotte says:

    I’ve made three so far and I love this pattern. I even up sized it to make a bit bigger one and it worked like a charm. Thanks for a great pattern and if you ever need another tester, let me know.

  21. Tammy says:

    Super cute divided bag. I really should make one of these. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

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  23. cla16e says:

    Hi, is the pattern for one size basket?
    If so what size does it finish?
    I’d like to do a few in different sizes that all match but as I’m new to sewing I don’t know how to resize patterns, I can just about follow one! Lol

    1. Sheri Patterson says:

      Hi, I just saw your post and I’ve made several of these. When you set your pattern to print, just choose a different % of size. I’ve printed 80% and 60% for smaller caddy’s and it works great!

  24. Colleen says:

    Hi! Would love to make some of these beautiful baskets. Can a beginner sewer take this on? Thanks!

    1. Anna says:

      Yes, I do think a beginner could do this project. I think that if you have a few projects under your belt and are able to go with the swing of things, you’ll do great!

  25. I *finally* finished one! It will post tomorrow. Thanks again for a wonderful pattern! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  26. Anonymous says:

    If your thread is looping on the back make sure you actually have the presserfoot down. sometimes it is hard to tell that when you are sewing something so thick. Also make sure the machine is threaded correctly. any little mistake threading the machine can make a messy stitch.

  27. Heidi says:

    Is it possible to still add photos to the Flickr group, and if so, how do I do it?

    1. Heidi says:

      Never mind, I just answered my own question, haha! I’m still figuring out how Flickr works.

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