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Ruby Star Wrap-Along

I’m so excited to be able to kick of the Ruby Star Wrap-Along.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a bunch of bloggers each trying out projects from the book Ruby Star Wrapping by Melody Miller and Allison Tannery.  I was so happy to get a copy of this at Sewing Summit!  As I paged through I loved the Chinese Takeout boxes project, I knew they looked like fun!

I totally has a blast picking out fabrics and using my hot glue gun (that thing doesn’t get used enough!).  It’s a quick and easy project, so if you’ve got a half hour, give it a try!

One thing about the book is that I love that the authors give you so many different options and ideas to try.  For me, I always like choosing from different suggestions, gives a project a whole different look depending on what you choose!  And of course I couldn’t stop making these little boxes, they’re addicting.  Plus now I have a nice selection of wrapping for when I need to give a last minute gift.

I wanted to try making a mini version, it would be easy enough to do, just scale down the template.  By the way, in the book they give you a link to all the templates from the book so you can easily print them.  No more fumbling around at the copy machine trying to make sure everything fits.

This week’s prize is a octopurse handbag and a $20 gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Just hop on over and link up your project to be entered.

octopurse Pink Chalk Fabrics

Friday, Amanda of A Crafty Fox will be sharing her version of Jaimie’s Casserole Cover!

Jamie's Casserole Cover

Want to purchase a copy of Ruby Star Wrapping?  Check out these shops!  This book is a great gift for that special person who loves to give gifts.  Christmas isn’t far away you know, hint hint.  ♥
Random House

And you can also add your project photos to the Flickr Group!

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19 thoughts on “Ruby Star Wrap-Along

  1. Vanessa says:

    cute, cute, cute!

  2. Jeni says:

    So adorable! It’s like two presents in one, the wrapping and the contents! 🙂

  3. Debbie says:

    Just darling! Your variety of ribbons really adds to the finished giftbox!

  4. Faith Jones says:

    Those are awesome!

  5. kristin says:

    aw SO cute, anna! this book looks realy fun.

  6. ~ko says:

    Love love love this! So cute 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for the awesome support!

  8. aaawww, man! that was my old google account sign in…

  9. I’d love to get a gift that looked like this!

    I gave a tutorial a shout out today on my blog.

    Your tutorials are great!

  10. LJ says:

    Love the idea of reusing wrapping and when it’s made of fabric, it MUST be reused!

  11. Wendy says:

    they are really cute boxes. I’m hopping along on this blog tour to see if I want to buy the book!

  12. these are so cute! you did a great job in picking fabrics. this project seems perfect for those showy fabrics in the stash that just don’t work for quilt ideas that i have.

  13. these are so cute! you did a great job in picking fabrics. this project seems perfect for those showy fabrics in the stash that just don’t work for quilt ideas that i have.

  14. Katy Cameron says:

    Oh this looks like a fab idea, I so hate battling with wrapping paper! Hopefully now I’ve got a week back at work under my belt, and done all the holiday laundry and put my new fabric stash away, I can spend some time this weekend reading this book!

  15. Gong Mi says:

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  16. K Radwill says:

    Great little containers! Chinese take out boxes can be formed into anything. You can use these to store any type of food you have as well!

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