washi tunic

Yep, had to do it.  After my first Washi dress I couldn’t fight the urge to make another one.

This time I had to go with a tunic.  And this lovely linen print, Essex Print La Femme Tonal Black by Robert Kaufman that I got over at Pink Chalk Fabrics.

I wore it to work today, pink cords and all.  It’s super comfy.  I watched Rae’s amazing videos (seriously, she’s crazy talented) and did a partial lining.  It’s so fun and I think it’s easier than the facings and more comfy too perhaps.

I did lengthen the tunic and did a narrow rolled hem on the bottom.

Oh and my necklace is so rad, I bought it on etsy from Alina & T!  I call it my Katniss Everdeen necklace.

Have a great weekend!

20 thoughts on “washi tunic

  1. Lollydollops says:

    So cute! I love that fabric!

  2. Vanessa says:

    ooohhh…that’s pretty!

  3. Emily says:

    So pretty! 🙂 I like partial linings better than facings too. It kind of makes me laugh when Ansley keeps pulling her facings up but I get it- they can be itchy and don’t always stay in place. 🙂

  4. Gingercake says:

    Very nice! It looks great on you.

  5. Jeni says:

    Love it! It’s perfect in that fabric! You always look so cute Anna! Now I’m itching for a tunic! 🙂

  6. Palak says:

    The length is perfect, and the print looks great on you. I wish I could pull off pink cords!

  7. Elsa says:

    Really cute tunic and love those pink slacks ~ adorable!

  8. kristin says:

    So cute, Anna! Those pink pants really set it off! Oh man I need to make another washi.

  9. DKB says:

    That looks like a pretty good fit on your armhole! Nice job. A good fit makes all the difference.

  10. Very Cute! I love seeing you sew all of the apparel. It is so fun. I am venturing out and making a dress. I have the pattern, I have the material, now I just need to start working on it. Perhaps this coming week. Anyway, thanks for sharing. The tunic is very sweet and it goes very well with the cords.

  11. Looks lovely on you! I need to go check the video, I would much prefer doing a partial lining vs. the facings. My fabric was so thin I didn’t want to tack them down, so they move around while wearing.

    Great job!

  12. Katy Cameron says:

    It looks fab, must go and check out that video!

  13. It looks gorgeous on you Anna!! The print is awesome, especially with pink cords– cute!!!

  14. Cathy says:

    Nice tunic and gorgeous fabric. Very stylish!

  15. QuiltyGirl says:

    Love it! I’m trying to stop myself, but man is this pattern tempting!! Maybe after I get through the avalanche of sewing for my sister’s wedding I will reward myself with this pattern. 🙂

  16. amandajean says:

    How cute are you?!?! Love the tunic (especially with your pink cords!) 🙂

  17. Maria Celina says:

    me gusta, que lindo, abrazos

  18. Alina says:

    What a great way to wear the triangle necklace! Love the look!

  19. it’s adorable! I really love your pink pants and katniss necklace, too!

  20. Farah says:

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