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This is one of a pair of side chairs I purchased off craigslist over the summer. You can read about it here.  This is the before pic:

 I figured they looked easy enough to recover myself, so I finally found some fun fabric and finished the one of the two.  The fabric is from the amazing Australian fabric designers, Umbrella Prints.  It was a total splurge for me when I ordered it a few months ago, so it’s nice that at least one of the chairs is finished and I can see it daily.  I love the print, it’s fun and versatile at the same time.  Someday I’ll make some spiffy patchwork pillows to add to the fun.

[yep, this is me in my chair, I’m that cool]

Things are still pretty bumpy here, I’m starting back full-time at my job this week.  It should be interesting. I wish I didn’t have to, but that’s the way life goes I guess.  I’ve definitely learned a lot in the last couple weeks, more than I ever could have imagined.  Anyway, hope you have a great Monday…

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  1. charlotte says:

    It’s never easy, this road of life. But usually the ups and downs teach us so much. Hang in there and just take one day at a time. Keep loving those kiddos and remember to breath and smile. You’ll make it. 🙂

  2. jack says:

    Great chair – what a find! I hope you are ok.

  3. Fiona says:

    Fabulous chair .. and fabric!!

    So glad you have the opportunity to go back to full-time work if it helps you to get through this bad patch.

  4. Fabulois chair! I’m super jealous. Trolling Craigslist is great fun. I wish you the best as you head back to work and hope something unexpected leaves you smiling someday thsi week.

  5. Kristie says:

    Great job on the chair 🙂

    I have a good friend who was, I think, in the same predicament as you earlier this year, was a stay at home mom actually and then had to transition to full time work. The first bit was bumpy, but now she is flourishing. It is a lot to juggle, but it is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it, and I know you can do it. Hang in there! You are on the road you are meant to be on, and I am sure the destination will be fantastic, even if the road is bumpy along the way.

  6. gill says:

    You’ve done a great job on the chair! I do a bit of re-upholstery too! I love the fabric you’ve used!
    So good to hear from you, I think we’ve all been worried but I know you’ll get there in the end!

  7. Nothing can stop you! Anyone else might have given up – but not you! Whatever it is that shocked you so much, you can and will cope.

    How gorgeous your noodleheads are! I’m sure they inspire you in every way.

    Bon chance and good luck!

  8. Jeni says:

    Whoa! Super cute chair! That fabric is perfect for it. And look at your little enamelware collection you have going! When did you find bowls!? 🙂

    Good luck in your new journey, I hope you can find some peace!

  9. Martha says:

    Hi Anna,
    Great chair! I love the modern retro style! I spent the weekend working on the “go anywhere” bag! It’s not finished yet, but I am very excited! I hope you are doing okay. I love your patterns 🙂

  10. Jan says:

    What a great find the chairs were. I love the fabric you used for the re-do. Good luck with the re-entry to your full time job.

  11. MaryAnnB says:

    Love the chair and the fabric! I also love to ‘troll’ craig’s list and yard sales for vintage finds like this! Found an amazing rocking chair from the 30s’. very straight line, I think the seat part was orginally caned, it has wood planks for now. I think I need to make a new cushion for it.. thanks, once again, for the inspiration!
    Prayers coming your way that the job and all falls into place for you quickly:) !

  12. Carolyn says:

    Transitions are always hard…especially when they’re not your idea. Best of luck this week with this new road. We’ll all be thinking of you and wishing you the best!

  13. Gorgeous chair Anna!
    Good luck with work next week, I hope everything falls into place soon!


  14. Emily says:

    What a pretty chair. Good luck back at work. Thinking about you.

  15. All the best with the changes.

  16. Poppyprint says:

    Lovely, lovely chair! You’ve got such an amazing furniture collection going. I love seeing shots of your finds and how you fix them up!

    Good luck this week. You can do it, and so can your girls, because you’re all awesome 🙂

  17. Vanessa says:

    That chair is beyond awesome!!! Love it. Love everything in that first photo.

  18. moxiemandie says:

    looks beautiful! I’m glad you’re doing ok Anna…

  19. jednoiglec says:

    Chair (and everything all around) is wonderful!

  20. Yes, you ARE that cool ;). Love the chair. Good luck back at work. Maybe the transition will be easier than you might think. here’s hoping!

  21. Katy Cameron says:

    The chair looks fab :o) Hope next week goes well for you, fingers crossed you feel like you’ve never been away from it, and it all goes smoothly.

  22. QuiltyGirl says:

    Love the chair! Your house is adorable, as always. 🙂
    Good luck with work!

  23. Erin says:

    that is one cool chair… hope all comes together for you- b/c you’re pretty cool too!

  24. Amy says:

    I hope that your transition to full time goes as smoothly as possible Anna.

  25. Annie says:

    What an amazing job on that chair! So lovely.

  26. Great upholstering job! It will look really fab when you have both of them finished. The work/home situation will develop it’s own routine and though you may encounter the odd pothole in the road you’ll fill it up and smooth your own ride. Crafters are very enterprising and never forget to believe in yourself.

  27. Sascha says:

    Love the chair and the sideboard looks to die for!

    Glad you are ok. Or at least on the road to ok. Life has such a strange way or throwing curve calls at us. I’m still getting used to the curve ball sent my way 9 years ago. It has made me stronger though that is for sure.

  28. Erin says:

    Wow! That is one gorgeous chair, Anna! You are too good. Keep on hanging in there…make sure you ask for help when you need it. xoErin

  29. Ange Moore says:

    Gorgeous chair – that blue is beautiful and those chairs are an amazing shape!

    Good luck with the return to full-time work – it’s a hard juggle to be a working mum, especially 5 days a week.

  30. emily b says:

    I love that chair – beautiful job! That blue looks great next to the dark wood. You’re a lucky lady!

    Good luck with everything this week. I’m sending positive vibes your way. 🙂

  31. Kate says:

    I loooves that chair and I’ve had my eye on Umbrella Prints too. Really a nice combo. Well done.

    Best of luck with work and all that entails. Whoever you work for is lucky to have you 🙂

  32. Susan says:

    I’m in love with your chair! The joy it gives you will be worth the splurge on fabric. Glad to know you are making it through this; praying for you.

  33. love your chair…

    sending virtual hugs your way 🙂 keep your chin up!

  34. First, I love this chair!! And everything in the photo for that matter! 🙂

    Second, I have been thinking of you and your girls lots this last week! I wish you all the best!!! :):)

  35. Love the fabric, and the way that it brings out the colour in the chair!

  36. I love the fabric you picked for the chair.
    So glad you have a job to transition back to full-time. I had to do that after several years of being home. The hardest part for me was feeling like I was not keeping up with my family. So…my advice would be to keep your life as simple as possible so you can be there for your girls in this transition.
    Thinking of you and your girls lots and lots.

  37. I adore that chair! so cute…and love you socks too, the whole outfit is pretty darn cute. 😉 sending you a virtual hug too. 😀

  38. Delia says:

    What an awesome chair. Perfect color and fabric choice…as always. You have impeccable taste. I hope you guys are able to adjust to the job and everything. Best wishes this week. 🙂

  39. Jane says:

    Full-time work can be a b*tch or a blessing, but it’s definitely do-able. Hang in there. Your chair is lovely!

  40. Hey Anna,

    I sure hope everything is looking up soon. I hope you’re okay! Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you.


    PS – The chair is awesome.

  41. Meg says:

    Hope it all goes well! Still praying and thinking good thoughts for you!

  42. Jamie says:

    Your chair is spectacular!

    You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things are looking up!

  43. Susanne says:

    OH My Gosh. This not knowing what’s going on is killing me. I know it’s your life, but I’m just SOO nosy and am on edge for the beans to spill.

    Anyway…enough about me ; ) I hope you’re next week at work is a smooth one!!! Take lots of deep breaths and try to be in the present moment–it’s the only time in our lives we can control : )

  44. erica says:

    The chair is awesome! And I love your sideboard, is that vintage or is it available in a commercial store? I’d love to have that same peice for my home.

  45. Ashley says:

    lovely chair, and lovely fabric! love those umbrella prints fabrics!!

    wishing you all the best!

  46. Shannon says:

    The chair looks awesome! I’m not usually a fan of hearts in general, but I didn’t even realize those were hearts until I took a second look. So neat!

    I don’t think I’m in quite the same position as you, but I’ve had quite the year of transitions too, and things I never dreamed of becoming my reality (I thought you put it so well). The first quote you posted about everyone fighting a battle is one that helped me make it through the worst of the worst, and now things are looking up. I sincerely hope and pray the same will be true for you and your children soon.

  47. Angela says:

    full disclosure–i screamed a little bit when i saw the chair.

    mid-century aesthetic, how i love you…

    you did right by that chair, missy. high fives all around!

  48. Mary says:

    Awesome job on the chair! And best of luck with going back to work. It’s definitely an adjustment, but you and the girls will do great.

  49. Sachiko says:

    I have been thinking of you and hopefully the transition to working full time (well, being a mommy is already a full time job)will go easy as possible for you and your girls.

    I love the chair, you have such an eye for color!

  50. kristin says:

    the chair is great – i didn’t even notice it that the pattern was hearts at first! that’s a bummer about the full-time work for sure, but you do what you gotta do, eh? hope you’re able to re-find your balance. thinking of you often…

  51. Dying over your chair!!!!!!!! Dying!!!!!!!!! So awesome beyond awesome my dear! your house kills me everytime. You must do a tour one day so we can see all your lovely goodies.

  52. Cindy says:

    Love the chair, Anna!! Hope things are going better for you! I pray you stay strong- especially when you have those two precious girls by your side! Take care!

  53. Great job on the chair. I keep thinking about you and hope that you are o.k. Please know that you have a big support system here cheering you on! 🙂

  54. Dahlia says:

    gorgeous chair (and I love those socks of yours in the photo)…and I’m excited to see more of the living room redo too 🙂 what an awesome find, Anna!

  55. Erin says:

    gorgeous gorgeous chair! i totally love it and the fabric you chose. well done!

  56. Jenny says:

    So cute! Love the blue.

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