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grant pack, grant pack

Grant pack, grant pack, on the backpack loaded up with things and knick knacks too! So sorry for all you non-Dora watchers (and the like), that damn backpack song gets stuck in my head every. single. time. I talk about backpacks.  Oh well.  

So I made my nephew Grant a backpack as part of his birthday present.  I had gotten the cars fabric so long ago (from Superbuzzy) with the intention of making him a backpack, well the time finally came.  I had also tucked away Made by Rae‘s Toddler Backpack pattern and wanted to give it a go, it’s so cute with it’s little handle and piping details. 

I did interface the backpack front and back pieces with canvas, it’s pretty sturdy, but nice and lightweight at the same time.  The only thing I might have done if I had more time would have been to finished the edges with bias tape instead of just serging them.  Next time, right?  (and just for fun, it took me just over an hour to finish, I was under the gun!!)
In the car on the way up I managed to embroider his name on a little scrap of linen and then hand sewed it to the inside of the back piece, just in case it ever gets left behind somewhere.
happy birthday Grant!

44 thoughts on “grant pack, grant pack

  1. aimee says:

    I love the ‘grant’ pack it looks great it doest look home made its fab xxx

  2. Toni says:

    Love it! I’ve been on the fence about making backpacks for my boys, but I think you just knocked me off! Must look into this pattern…

  3. I love it! The fabric is so perfect. But now I have the “backpack” song stuck in my head. 😉 Hey, it’s my little guy’s b-day today too! 🙂

  4. Jacqui says:

    Oh no! Now I have it going around in my head too, and Dora is shouting at me “Do it! Do it NOW!” She’s very demanding (and I’m so very very glad Hazel is over that show, so very glad).

    Cute backpack! I love the fabric, it’s a great pattern and a car fabric at the same time.

  5. Adorable! That fabric is perfect. And I can’t handle Dora very well, the repetition kills me! That is a show they only watch at grandma’s house. 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Nicely done! Penny has just gotten into Dora and gets SOOOOO excited every time she sees a backpack. It’s cute at the moment but will get old soon.

  7. Absolutely adorable!!! Well that’s just great…now I have that song in my head. 😉

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    Aww, very cute, sure it’ll be filled with toy cars in no time!

  9. Wow! So cute and I can’t believe you finished it so quickly! I need more practice apparently. That’s awesome!

  10. Cindy says:

    Sooo adorable- you did an awesome job!! Now be prepared for custom orders from the other mommies!!:)

  11. amy says:

    so super cute Anna! Now I am going to be singing that freaking song in my head all day!! 😉

  12. Kerry says:

    The finish on the back pack looks incredibly professional!

  13. Hilari says:

    So cute! Nice work, and I love that fabric you used!

  14. gail says:

    ohhh, that is so adorable, and he is too! i love the name inside, that’s such a nice touch. had to sneak some linen in there, right? 🙂

  15. says:

    I love this idea! I am not great with sewing but would love to try this out and possibly use a bunch of fabric my mom passed down to donate these to some local charities around here that make “safe bags” for the police department to give to kids when in an emergency or crisis situation.

  16. Jeannie says:

    Ok, now that song is in my head!! That is an adorable back pack actually I like the serged seams better than binding them. Super cute and so is he!!!

  17. Heather says:

    dang mama… you got skills!! 😉

    x, H

  18. I agree with everyone! Super professional looking and very cute 🙂

  19. Vanessa says:

    So cute Anna! I love that backpack from Made by Rae – I’ve made two myself. Super easy and cute with that piping. Love your fabric selection. Perfect for Grant. Love that pic of Grant – he’s always so happy!!

  20. Melinda says:

    This is a great pattern. I made one for my daughter using the purple Owl and Pussycat print from Heather Ross. She loves Dora. I don’t mind Dora but sometimes I do feel like I am getting yelled at a lot. 😉 Next time I will interface with canvas and possibly try binding the inside seams like you suggested. My sewing skills have improved since I made this almost a year ago so I think I am up for it. I don’t know about doing it in an hour – that’s impressive!

  21. Jeni says:

    Oh my! What a cutie! And such an adorable backpack! 🙂

  22. awww how cute he is :o) (both backpack and little Grant)

  23. Lydia says:

    Ah, wonderful, excellent and adorable…as usual, Auntie Anna! Grant LOVES his backpack and shirt (and everything else you gave him) You’ve outdone yourself once again…I LOVE the fabric you chose and I can’t wait to start filling it up with items for him to take along on our outings! Thank you for your mad photo skills at the par-tay…we love you!

  24. Tanya says:

    I made one of those backpacks for my son a couple weeks ago (in a Diego print — oy! Love the fabric you used)…it’s the perfect size for Junior Kindergarten…makes me so sad when I see such little kids carrying huge backpacks. Rae’s version is ideal!

  25. chris says:

    Interfacing with canvas is brilliant. I agree, Dora get stuck in your head…not cool.

  26. Poppyprint says:

    No way you made that in an hour. You are amazing. Lucky little Grant.

  27. bethanndodd says:

    Adorable!! Both the backpack and Grant! Smiles~Beth

  28. Carolyn says:

    That backpack is so adorable! I need to get around to making one!

  29. Sarah says:

    I’m thoroughly impressed that you MADE that. Seriously. Also, thanks for getting the backpack song stuck in my head.

  30. Grandma G says:

    That is so cute! I love the colors! I had intended to use Rae’s pattern to make one for my granddaughter, but awhile ago I got the book “Little Things to Sew”, and there’s a pattern for one in there, so I’ll be using that. It’s lined, so will be a bit more work. It doesn’t use piping, but I might put some on, anyway… piping adds so much.

    Nice job! An hour… wow!! You sew, girl! 🙂

  31. kristin says:

    Really cute! Love his name inside. I would totally make one of these if my daughter didn’t already have three backpacks, TWO of them Dora-related! 😉

  32. This is amazingly cute! I may have to make some for my nephews. BTW I know what you mean about the back pack song:)

  33. Great back pack and as it’s hand made it will be really identifiable even without the name as it’s a one of a kind.
    Grant’s a cutie :).

  34. **nicke... says:

    an hour! you are super amazing!

  35. we’ve escaped Dora so far, but i think Henry needs a backpack now. yours is so adorable!

  36. Erinn says:

    that backpack is so cute!! I used the same pattern to make one for my little guy, and everyone comments on how cute it is. You made really a really good fabric choice!

  37. Anna, it is super cute. I am pretty sure there is nothing you can’t sew! 🙂
    And I totally got the Dora reference!

  38. Wag Doll says:

    Aw thats so cute! well done and Happy Birthday to Grant

  39. Under an hour!? I am sooo jealous of your sewing skills! It turned out great…happy birthday to your little one!

  40. Nancy says:

    Love the name label you stitched to the inside. I made a couple last year:

    And this post reminds me that I should make another one for my little guy.

  41. amy says:

    oh my gosh, what an adorable kid he is! so cute! I can’t believe you sew that fast, Grant is a lucky boy! xo amy

  42. Sarah says:

    I agree that this is a lovely little pattern. I made one for my daughter about a year ago, and it came together perfectly. Now, to make one for my boy a little more tricked-out — maybe adding about 5 pockets inside and out. Love me some pockets! Also, I agree that it needs some sort of interlining. I may use up some fleece scraps on my next one.

    Lovely job, and the brown fabric is great.

  43. Sascha says:

    I also bought this pattern ages ago intending to make it one day. Vinny starts preschool next August. I’m sure I’ll be making it the night before. I have to say I’ve been seeing some great versions around (like yours) so I’m inspired to make one sooner.

  44. Emily Curfew says:

    Soooooooo cute!!!!!! You have such great style and a good eye for fabric choices. 🙂 I just recently boUght this pattern, bc my daughter is really into bags right now (only 18 months) and probably bc I let her watch Dora sometimes!! Darn Dora!! Hahaha hopefully I’m not frying her brain at such a young age. Ha! Anywyas I’m so glad you just posted about your adorable backpack, bc I was ready to get started with regular quilting weight fabric but now I’m thinking it really needs thicker/heavier fabric or interlining like you mentioned above. I wish the tutorial had a side step on interfacing bc I’m pretty new to sewing and I’m not quite sure how to do that. Any good tutorials out there that you know of for interfacing? Thanks! Love your cute blog and always get excited when I see an update in google reader 🙂

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