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Sometimes I feel like this blog is too much, in both good and not-so-good ways.  I don’t want to ever come across as just wanting to talk about myself and how cool I am (because I’m definitely not).  I never would have thought that after starting this blog that anyone would be interested in reading what I have to say.  It’s become overwhelming in two very different ways:

  • Overwhelming in an awesome way due to the fact that I’m very grateful to have you all as readers, I’m so glad you’ve found some of the things I do interesting.  I’m very grateful to have found wonderful friends that are encouraging and interested in the same things I am. 
  • It’s also overwhelming because it hasn’t been easy.  It may look all peachy and fun all day long everyday at my house, but we all know that’s not the truth.  Like many of you I like to keep things positive and filled with the things I like and enjoy.  I struggle everyday to find the balance between my family, my job, and my hobbies. 

Those are just a few things I’ve been thinking about lately. 

We did have time make a fun little project over the weekend. 

Natalie and Emily have been obsessed with the box of felt that I have, and coincidentally never use.  So we decided to make a felt board.  My husband had never heard of such a thing.  It was fun making it though, I just bought a cork board at target and used spray adhesive to attach a large piece of felt.  Then we got to work cutting out shapes! 

And lastly, I wanted to share some fun things going on on some blogs I enjoy:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the things going on in the sewing blog world. May you continue to find ways to enjoy your family and your hobbies. I often have to remember we can have it all just not all at the same time. So, give yourself grace… ^_^ Keep up the good work.

  2. alayne says:

    i know what you mean. it is overwhelming. just do what makes you happy. and know that you are appreciated!

  3. NessaKnits says:

    I think comment 2 has it. Do what makes you feel happy and if you decide to share that with the rest of the world, then so be it. Sometimes having a blog can make you feel like you are performing on a stage and you wonder if the audience likes your tap dancing. Some are going to like it, some are going to hate it! Who cares, as long as you like it!

  4. Family comes first Anna – take care you you and your family.

  5. Jackie says:

    From time to time we all struggle with fitting it all in. It’s still not easy for me even though my children are grown.

    I love the play of light through your daughters hair as she concentrates in the picture above. The simple things is life is what gives the most pleasure and I this picture really shows it.

  6. Kelli says:

    Blogging is a wierd thing, huh? That’s why it took me so long to start my own. Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? But, I appreciate that the blog community gives us a chance to share ideas with each other. I appreciate you and your ideas, Anna and your creations make me smile. Show us what you want and take a break when you want…we’ll still be here when you get back!

  7. I can empathize with what you are saying, I struggle with the same issue all the time, and in addition worry about what I do not being good enough in comparison to all the amazing things I see people doing. It can be tough, especially when you see the best of what people do.

    One of the reasons your blog is one of my favorites is because I don’t feel bad or not good enough after I read it – and that is such a wonderful trait, and a rare gift.

  8. Krista says:

    It really is hard to find a balance, and I don’t crank out half the things that you do. I do love reading your blog and seeing the things you make on flickr though, so I’m really glad you share with us.

    Thanks for linking up to Heather Ross’ new fabrics!!! I’m so excited about this new line. I really, really wanted some of those girls with their horses when they were on spoonflower but didn’t want to risk the quality. And those guitars? I love them.

  9. abby says:

    I love reading your blog and checking out all of your cool projects. I am so thankful for all the creative blogs out there, because of sites like yours I finally taught myself to sew and LOVE IT. 🙂 So, thank you!!

  10. Kerry says:

    I hear you Anna, the rough comes with the smooth but it stays largely hidden under the rug. Fitting the mum bit in with everything else, and the partner bit, takes its toll. Being creative is never easy. I appreciate your work in every sense

  11. I love your blog, your works and your insights. Blogging is fun but family is most important. As much or as little as you decide to blog, I’m sure all your readers will still be here!

  12. Thanks for your honesty, Anna. I’ve been struggling with balance lately and thinking so much about how to achieve it that my head hurts. Glad I’m not the only one.

    Thanks so much for mentioning the sew along! I checked out the Heather Ross swatches and I love the little girls playing with horses. And I got sucked into Rachel’s discussion for about half an hour 🙂

  13. Belinda says:

    Anna, I appreciate you & your blog so very much. Being a mom a very hard job & finding a way to balance that with fulfilling your own needs is even more difficult and a constant struggle. Been there! Blog what you enjoy creating & sharing. You are awesome!

  14. Jenny says:

    I think we may share a brain. Were you eavesdropping on the conversation that Tom and I had the other night? So weird that I have been having the very same thoughts. I’ll have to email you to chat about it…

  15. ayumills says:

    Anna, I hope you are doing ok. It is really hard to keep up with blogland, and I know what you mean about not wanting to blog just to show how cool we are, but it seems that crafty blogs are for that. All I know is that we’ll be always here when you have something to say, because we all love you.

  16. Elsa says:

    Anna, I really enjoy your blog and all the things you share. I admire your honesty and forthrightness. It’s a great quality! keep it up.

  17. Mary Ann says:

    Anna, I have been so encouraged and inspired to get back to sewing by your blog (which I found only a few weeks ago). Balance is a crazy thing… do we ever achieve it? I’m always unbalanced LOL. Do what makes you happy, take a blog vacation if you need to, share what you want when you want, the beauty of the internet world is that it IS always here. Maybe just make a commitment to post twice a week at the most?
    I am actually struggling with do I even WANT to start my own blog and add it to the rest of the pile of my life? But I have so much to share and have been soaking up all I’ve been reading lately! I am a procrastinator by nature so we’ll see when this gets started …
    I look forward to reading your next post, whenever it comes along 🙂 Take time for you and your family.. we’ll be here 🙂
    sending you a big virtual hug!
    Mary Ann

  18. Chris says:

    Anna, you are wonderful. Of course life is a juggling act…and I think true balance is a fallacy. Love your family, do what you enjoy to bring you a bit of happiness. Blog when you can, and in the meantime, I love seeing what you make when you post. Thank you for the link to the sew-along. It was the motivation I needed to make the first dress for myself. I was thrilled Gwen wanted to partner with me. 🙂
    Enjoy that felt board with your girls!

  19. I hope you’ll take a break when you need to. We’re NOT going to unsuscribe anytime soon =). I know there’s the pressure of keeping things up for the sponsors. Maybe they’d let you take a break in exchange for a few weeks of no charge?

    I’ve also found that I MUST compartmentalize. Blogging time and parenting time just has to be separate for me.

    You’ve got a great thing going here, Anna!

  20. Jo says:

    Thanks for linking to Stitched in color – the comments were fascinating!

    I sometimes debate showing a ‘zoomed out’ shot of the pigsty that is my workroom when I post any kind of pristine photo. If it IS possible to finish a project without the rest of the house falling below par, I certainly haven’t managed it yet.

  21. Ammie says:

    🙂 I can relate to the internal debate over whether or not blogging is worth it. Often it is, but sometimes it becomes a monster. I think that especially as the prolific crafter and craft-blogger that you are, your blogging time and creative input is extensive. I sure appreciate you sharing with us, and hope that balance and satisfaction come your way very, very often.

  22. Megs says:

    Such an honest post. And I love the link over to Rachel at Stitched in Color. I know (for me, anyway) that I really like to feel that a blog is written by a real person who has the same sort of struggles (creatively and personally) that I grapple with. That’s not to say that I don’t love pretty pictures and amazing projects, but I like to know that life isn’t always perfect, too. We’re all human!

  23. Grandma G says:

    It’s OKAY to slow down!!

    I often ask myself how I managed to get so much done when I had 2 little kids under my feet, because I sure don’t seem to accomplish as much these days… when I’m home alone most of the time. But then I remember, “Oh, yeah… the internet.” It takes up a huge chunk of my time… and a big part of that is reading blogs like yours. 🙂 But I also maintain a blog, and often lately I wish I didn’t. It’s feeling more and more like an obligation… and I don’t even do any tutorials or anything like that for it. So I can only imagine how it must feel for you at times… yes, overwhelming!

    And now more often I ask myself how all these young women with small children get so much done and manage to blog about it, too! 😉

    (Sometimes I wish the computer had never been invented. Just think how much more time we’d all have on our hands! But I take that thought back quickly, because the internet is just too valuable!! 🙂 It’s all in how to manage that computer time and set our limits, I guess. Not an easy task, for sure.)

  24. Jacqui says:

    Your creativity and ability to produce new things amazes me but I can see that it would be a huuuge time suck to have to keep it up all the time. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down and adjusting your work/life/blog balance – I’m a firm believer in blogs being for the blogger, not the audience!

    Loved the Stitched in Colour post, although I failed at reading all the comments at once, I’m going to save the bitchiness for reading over a cup of tea later on (or several cups!) Couldn’t resist adding my own 😉

    See you over at Elsie’s Kid’s Clothing Challenge! I sat Hazel down with pattern books and fabric last night and coaxed her into choosing a few combinations in preparation for the big push.

  25. Blogging..yes I can become a wretched tie that instinctively pulls us back when we don’t really have the time. I like to think that my followers will be there when I get back if I go MIA! Just do what’s right for you!
    I loved the felt board…my boys, now in their twenties, had these when they were little and loved them!

  26. Jacqueline says:

    I adore your ramblings. Thank you for keepin it real!!

  27. Maxabella says:

    Don’t be overwhelmed, Anna. This is your planet in the blogiverse, free to do or not to do how you please. Don’t forget that. x

  28. I love your blog Anna, its so real and refreshing. It always seems honest to me. I also love your projects, they always seem to fulfill a need, yet let you be creative. (I’ve tried blogging, its fun but its hard to balance! I admire those that do) Do what makes you feel fulfilled.

  29. jayayceeblog says:

    So true. My blogging enthusiasm seems to come in waves. There are days when I have ideas on top of ideas and can’t wait to take pictures and post about them. There are many days when I wonder Who Cares and want to crawl back into bed to pull the covers over my head. I think you have to go with the flow and post if you feel like posting. I do love reading your blog and am truly interested in all the details. It’s like looking in someone’s windows to see how they live — in a non-creepy way, of course. =D

  30. Sascha says:

    I totally have a love hate relationship with blogging. There are definitely days where I say to myself “screw this” and I feel like closing down the blog. It’s those times I choose to read the non-crafty mom blogs. The blogs with no photos, just words. Usually that perks me up a bit.

    p.s. I am so going to go broke when the HR fabric comes out. I’ll be buying some of everything.

  31. This was such a good post. And the felt board is awesome! Blogging and the expectations, etc., that come along with it seem to be on a lot of minds recently. After Rachel did her blog the other day, I ended up doing a lot of introspection, and wrote my thoughts about it today too.

  32. Thanks for sharing what is going on – you are so good about always doing that! I love reading your blog – I am a big fan of all the linen you use. Blogging is supposed to be a fun thing and NOT an obligation or burden, right?! – that’s what I have to remind myself when I feel like I should be doing more / better / etc. It’s a constant reminder in some phases. Take care! Sara

    ps- I’ve been meaning to do a felt board for a while; you’ve inspired me!

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