kitchen remix

If you know me at all, you know I can’t leave good enough alone.  So I’ve been wanting to re-paint the girls play kitchen and finally did it.  I just couldn’t come up with much with the old green/purple combo. 

I needed bright and fresh!  Now I feel like I can make some fun accessories for them to play with, a couple aprons are first on the list. 
Here’s the original post on how I made the kitchen (with help from my dad and husband).  It’s really a great size and even though they don’t play with it a ton, I still think it leads to some fun and creative play time.

And sorry for those who are waiting for the 241 Tote pattern, it’s been a mix of monsoon season and snow here for the last however many days and I just need a few finished pictures and it’ll be ready! I’ll be back…

32 thoughts on “kitchen remix

  1. Christina says:

    Ooohhhh I love the picture of the bag! Great styling! Brice loves his little Ikea kitchen. He doesn’t play with it everyday, but when he does he has so much fun making us food and tea. I have yet to make him anything for it…but always have plans to!

  2. virginiamae says:

    Ooh, I want to paint my kids’ kitchen! Cute. & um, yeah I want that pattern w/the zips!!! =)

  3. hungiegungie says:

    wow… I can’t believe you made that kitchen!

  4. can’t wait to see that bag – it looks so great hanging off your shoulder!

    We have a fake kitchen from Grandpa here in our real kitchen, and both my girls love to play along while Mommy is making dinner – always makes my heart so happy 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    This turned out great. I’m going through a yellow phase right now, it just seems to go with everything!

  6. Jeannie says:

    Oh my gosh that kitchen set just makes me want to make felt dessert! I love the yellow and white.

  7. I like the new paint colors, but what happened to the fridge?

  8. Wow that kitchen is amazing!!! I can’t wait for your new bag pattern, I need to make a spring bag!

  9. Gingercake says:

    cute cute kitchen! I love the look of that last picture you took with your bag. Very stylish. looking forward to more bag pics!

  10. Jessica says:

    Love the new paint job on the kitchen. The old colors were cute, but this is much more timeless looking.

  11. Kerry says:

    I could happily play in that myself! Your daughter looks very happy with it.

  12. lealu says:

    Wow! The fresh paint really fits the upcoming spring. Looks great!

  13. Care says:

    LOVE the yellow!

  14. I’m convinced that kids always want to play with THE OTHER KID’s play kitchen. Yours is adorable! We recently got rid of ours because only guests ever played with it…

  15. I love the new color scheme. It looks very fresh and springy. So cute. Fantastic picture of the new bag, too!

  16. Krista says:

    my daughters saw the pics of the kitchen this morning and FREAKED OUT. And they’re 8 and 10! I bet you’ll continue to get a lot of use out of it for longer than you think. The new colors are really great.

  17. gret says:

    Love the the yellow and white, so fresh. Lovely.

  18. Oh, that is so cute. Been thinking of getting a play kitchen for my little one. Now, I really want one just for the cuteness factor of yours:)

  19. Kris says:

    I want to play! 🙂 It’s so pretty!

  20. dana says:

    cute cute kitchen and I Love that last shot of you. Looks like a magazine photo.

  21. ayumills says:

    Love the new colors on the play kitchen! So Cheerful!

  22. Yeah for yellow! Maybe it’s the end of winter blues (Ok, so it’s definitely that!) but I’m really jonesing for yellow right now. Good luck getting the accessories made. That one has been in my “to-do” list for over a year now. I’m such a slacker… I chuckle now to think about how I told myself that I’d only let the kids have the cheap plastic food “for now”. After all, I’m way to crafty to settle for that, right?? I had visions of cute felt food and home made goodies. Silly me! Hopefully I get it all done before the kiddos outgrow the kitchen. 😉

  23. Anonymous says:

    My daughter just called out “Can you and Daddy please make us one of those kitchens?” It looks great in yellow. And I love the final shot of you and your new bag – very magazine worthy 🙂

  24. Did you also make yourself those cute play vegetables your little one is holding on picture?

  25. I love the white and yellow! I have been considering redoing ours, too. It’s a three piece set and has definitely seen better days. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  26. sewtakeahike says:

    I looooove the fresh look of white and yellow, it looks great, Anna! And rain, rain, go away! We want Anna’s 241 pattern!!

  27. Vicky says:

    Love the colour choice. Very spring-y and fresh.

  28. Elsa says:

    really cute paint job! they are my kind of colors!
    looking forward to the purse pattern, like those side pockets and the shape of the bag.

  29. Mary says:

    Hi Anna! I’m loving the yellow – so perfect for spring! Great design on the new bag, and I LOVE the last pic on this post! GREAT bag shot!

  30. hart44 says:

    I just love the way children get lost in roll-play (it’s how it should be). Your daughter must love the nice fresh look kitchen too 🙂

  31. Dahlia says:

    I love the new colors for their kitchen! So fresh and springy. Those girls are just so dang cute too!!! Beautiful photo of you on the street with your new tote – I just love your creativity! Oh, and I’ve got photos to email you…

  32. jayayceeblog says:

    My youngest daughter had a play kitchen, although much smaller than yours, and she spent hours a day playing with it. Your paint colors are wonderful and I love the basket of squooshy veggies!

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