Advent Calendar Activity Printable

Hope you got a chance to check out my Pocket Advent Calendar tutorial yesterday.  We’ve been having fun trying to keep the candy I did put in the pockets in place (some little sneaky girls like to steal it out of there).

Even though I did add in a little candy to our advent Calendar, I also came up with activities for each day until Christmas and wanted to share those cards with you!

I tried to make them applicable to anyone anywhere, so I made extra activities for those of you with no snow.  So print out the cards, pick which activities you like and you’re good to go.

For ours, I printed the cards on a nice recycled looking paper, punched the top with a square hole puncher and then tied a 6″ piece of baker’s twine through each hole.  Slipped the cards into each pocket and we’re ready for a fun filled December.
I thought it also could be fun to hang these tags on a bunch of bare tree branches in a vase, or even on your Christmas tree.
ps. the decorative tape at the bottom of the cards is from Michaels, it’s by Martha Stewart in her Christmas collection. For the printables I added a snowflake in that spot, but you can cover it up if you wish!

18 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Activity Printable

  1. Bethany says:

    I bought that tape because I loved it but had no ideas for it–they look cute! Must. Get. HOme. and tape things.

  2. alayne says:

    I love those!! What a great idea – to have some activity each day until christmas. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  3. Some really fun ideas! Looks great.

  4. That is a cool idea. Thanks for sharing these with all of us 🙂

  5. I love it! I ended up cheaping out on the advent calendar this year and bought the $1 chocolate version at the drug store…just didn’t have it in me to be creative for some reason with this!

    But I guess to be fair, I always did love my little chocolate calendar growing up!!!

  6. I really love your advent calendar, so far from comercial things ! I don’t like to give my children so much chocolate everyday when Xmas day is so full of delicious things to eat ! so I ended up doing just like you, a few candies and a lot of activities to make together (just the same as yours, in fact !)

  7. Love the cards, Anna! Great ideas. I especially like the “Give your sibling a hug” card:) That tape is awesome, too.

  8. hiyaluv says:

    these are too cute:)

  9. BubzRugz says:

    Such a great idea…..

  10. Jess says:

    love the tape-so cute! and the little activities are adorable! I am definitely using your ideas!

  11. banclothing says:

    Great idea; I have to admit I bought the chocolate advent calendar for myself this year….. There is something about opening the door and eating poor quality waxy chocolate that get’s me in the christmas spirit.

  12. MultipleMum says:

    Great alternative to the early morning sugar rush we have happening at our place! Definitely give them a go for next year. Thanks for sharing your idea!

  13. Lisa says:

    I’ve been doing the same idea but my daughter is way too curious (like her Mom) and so I have to fill each days pocket the night before while she’s sleeping. Now she thinks that there are little fairies that come every night and do it. She’s baking mini cookies to leave out for them tonight.

  14. Kelli says:

    I LOVE this. I’m a little late to join the advent party this year I guess, but I am definitely saving this idea and downloading your very generous gift of the printable cards. My kids would just eat this up! Thanks!

  15. Suz says:

    Oooooh! now l REALLY like this idea….so much more fun that just a chocolate and soooo much more healthier too
    Another gem!
    Hugs X

  16. Crush Widow says:

    WOW! Look how cute this is! THanks so much!

  17. Washi tape + baker’s twine = really cute advent activity cards! Thanks for sharing

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