halloween table runner

I just had to have some of Riley Blake’s Boo to You fabric, and so when I realized a few days ago that I hadn’t used it all, I decided it should be a table runner.

You see, I really haven’t gotten to that point in my life where I decorate for each season or holiday.  I know, I really need to start working on it.  Especially for Christmas.  But anyway, we have a nice long dining table and not much on it (except the usual paints and markers), so I thought we’d add some fun and color!
I just made three log cabin style blocks and a pieced backing and out came a table runner!  So happy I had it finished in time to enjoy it yesterday. 
It was also the first time I decided to machine stitch the binding on.  I remembered Rita from Red Pepper Quilts does such a lovely job on hers, so I dashed over to her tutorial and gave it a shot.  I really love how quick it was, but definitely would need more practice.  I think I tried to sew over one missed spot 3 times!  oops! 
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

31 thoughts on “halloween table runner

  1. alayne says:

    I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!! So fun and festive.

  2. So cute! I adore that fabric. I’ll have to get some to save for next year. I was just thinking about a Thanksgiving table runner since I’m packing up the Halloween decorations today, and I’m liking the log cabin idea.

  3. Leslie says:

    this looks so great. i love the way you featured the little creatures in the blocks.

  4. Mary says:

    Nice! I really like the orange print with white polka dots. And don’t feel bad, I don’t decorate for every season/holiday either 🙂

  5. amy says:

    Super cute!
    I am horrible about holiday decorations!! My kids are lucky if they get a christmas tree! Forget about the other holidays. I always want to, I just can’t seem to get to it before the holiday is over.

  6. Jeni says:

    This is SO cute! Even though Halloween is over, I kind of want to pick up this fabric anyway! If I can still find it! 🙂

    I love the pieces of orange in the binding!

  7. Angela says:

    Very cute Anna! Love that line. 🙂

  8. corrie says:

    This is Great! My sister told me to check out your blog and I have to say I am wanting to try my hand at sewing something now.
    Very cute fabric.

  9. Matspeaks says:

    Very cute. I love the quilting.

  10. Very cute Anna! My Boo To You is still sitting here…..next year!!

  11. Sarah says:

    That looks fantastic!! Love the colours especially the dark border. Cute little spider too. Think I just might make a table runner soon. They are rather lovely and colourful aren’t they?

  12. ayumills says:

    It’s so cute, Anna! Love how you combined orange and black fabrics! The mummy is my fave!

  13. I really like this. At first I thought it was silly to spend time making seasonal things that will only be out for a short while, but I’ve found that their short lived appearance only makes them more special!

  14. Larissa says:

    That is just perfect. Something you can bring out every year at Halloween. LOVE it.

  15. Maxabella says:

    Baby, when you’re decorating for Halloween, you know you’re in the zone!! Looks fab. x

  16. eLBie says:

    That tablerunner is great! The fabric is adorable =)

  17. KarrieLyne says:

    Cute cute cute!! 🙂

  18. This is super cute! You did a great job!

  19. upstateLisa says:

    that is sooooo cute!

  20. nannergirl says:

    I love this! I have zero Halloween fabric but I do have tons of Christmas scraps kicking around. Thanks for the cute idea.

  21. jayayceeblog says:

    What a great idea and so cute! Love the way the little critters are featured in the center of the block.

  22. how cute is this? love it! ironic that just last night i found the post about your other table runner – i like this one too!

  23. This is so cute. I can imagine the possibilities for other holidays, as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. SAlden says:

    I love this! I think I will try a Christmas runner based off of your cute idea! I just ordered a charm pack of Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas fabric. One question- did you use any special batting or lining?

  25. Anna says:

    hey SAlden~ I did use warm & white cotton batting. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  26. Claire Gale says:

    how clever!!!! i think that has gotta be the first non-tacky super cool halloween thing i’ve seen:)

  27. Very cute! Love that line. 🙂

  28. Erin says:

    Love it! Where did you get the basket?

    1. Anna Graham says:

      I had gotten it from Hobby Lobby! It’s so cute! I hope they have more this
      season, my kids squashed it a year ago and it doesn’t quite look the same,
      ha. :/

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