Recycled Valentine Crayons

Oh, I’ve been saving up broken crayons for a while now.  There have been so many cute projects out there with melting crayons I could hardly resist.  I first started gathering them thinking I was going to melt them into Christmas tree shapes for Christmas, but that obviously came and went with no melted crayons.

Of course I had Valentine’s on the brain when my daughter brought home her preschool classroom list.  The next day I was just floored when I saw this post at the long thread, just had to run to target to get my heart shaped pan!  (I also managed to make some red velvet heart shaped cakes with buttercream frosting before we got to use the pan for melting crayons, yum).

We had the best time peeling the remaining paper off the crayons and breaking them up and sorting them.  Natalie and Emily even got to fill up the heart shaped cake pan with the crayons before I popped them into the oven (the crayons people, not the kids!).

**Update:  I also wanted to say a huge thank you to Dana for allowing me to guest blog yesterday, it was quite the honor.  Thank you to everyone who commented and those of you who are now followers and subscribers!  I’m inching toward the 400th follower and I’ll do a special prize for the 400th follower and a giveaway for everyone else to join in on once we get there, HOLY CATS!**

10 thoughts on “Recycled Valentine Crayons

  1. KK says:

    So glad to find your blog through Made! I am now following you and excited about the inspirational projects!

  2. Dahlia says:

    Fun! We just made some of these when my mom visited a couple weeks ago. I had a problem with mixing different brands of crayons – some of the cheap-o crayon wax floated to the top and ruined the nice marbling…did you use the same brand of crayon or have issues with that? 🙂

  3. jess says:

    woowee! look at all your followers! you’re so popular! can i count myself among your friends? hehe

  4. How cute! It is way too much fun to do this project, it’s hard to stop!

  5. Shorty says:

    What a lovely idea! And heart shaped red velvet cakes…. sounds so yummy! I’ve added that to my ‘to do’ list for next week.

  6. Susan says:

    what pan did you use at target? I HAVE to do this…..was it small shaped…. do you have the sku? (lol)

  7. Susan says:

    Yeah for 400! It’s my lucky day on a great site! Keep Blogging!

  8. Anna says:

    Yay Susan! That’s way cool that your number 400! I’ll be getting in contact with you shortly. 🙂 I got the pan from the Valentine’s section (up near the front in our store), it holds 6 two inch wide hearts, but there were a couple different options to chose from. Just make sure whatever you buy is oven safe. I did use all crayola, I guess I’m a crayon snob.

  9. Nonna Beach says:

    So cute…Love them ! I made these about 12 years ago with all my kids unused crayons that I wouldn’t let go of… (My youngest was 17 at the time ! ) I put cupcake papers in 2 muffin tins, melted all the crayons and POOF, new multicolored crayons. I used them for church Sunday School classes. You should have seen the kids faces when I brought them out…they had such fun with the new shape…the crayons looked like giant Reese”s Peanut Butter cups.

  10. Jennadesigns says:

    I love this project – I’ve made these with my son a couple of times using silicone cupcake liners shaped like hearts… they were a huge hit! Your turned out just beautifully!

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