Underwater Sisters Baby Quilt

I am so thrilled how this quilt turned out.  I used this tutorial at Handmade by Alissa for the quilt top.  It’s my first quilt actually piecing specific things together, so I think it went pretty well.  I love this line of Heather Ross fabrics so much and have been saving them for just the right project!

My friend, Toni, just had a baby girl (on my own birthday no less), so I was so excited to make this quilt for her new little baby.  I knew I wanted to use the Mendocino fabrics for the main part of the quilt because I thought it was very fitting of a baby girl – even though it’s not your typical ‘baby’ colors.  And because I thought Toni would love the swimming mermaids.

Then, when I was cutting pieces for the quilt I saw the name on the selvedge: Underwater Sisters! {I’m probably the only one who didn’t know the name of this fabric for some reason}  It was perfect!  Toni and I were on swim team together in college.  We spent many an hour in the water for practice and meets, as well as traveling all over the place.  I guess we’re kind of like underwater sisters. 

So this quilt is special in two ways to me and this baby girl.  Hope you like it Jenna!  Don’t spit up on it too much (just kidding – go for it)!

16 thoughts on “Underwater Sisters Baby Quilt

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful! I love the picture of it draped over the tree with snow all around. I never would have thought to do that. So cool! And meaningful too… Underwater Sisters!

  2. Vanessa says:

    That’s beautiful!!!! You did a great job. That is something she’ll be able to keep for years and years.

  3. Care says:

    Gorgeous! I love me some Heather Ross AND Amy Butler — I love your combination of fabrics!

  4. Leslie says:

    wow, i absolutely love it…it is amazing. i love to use unconventional colors for baby quilts and more grown up fabrics. this is such a perfect baby gift!

  5. Jane says:

    Gorgeous quilt. I love the colors and fabrics!

  6. Kelly O. says:

    wow you did a great job!
    I hope she doesn’t spit up tooo much 😉

  7. Holly says:

    that is a beautiful quilt. great job!

  8. RosaMaría says:

    what a lovely quilt!!!!

  9. Lora says:

    it’s gorgeous!! love the colors.

  10. Nutsy Coco says:

    It looks great. I love the colors!

  11. I love this, anna! The fabric is beautiful and looks fantastic when it’s all put together. What a fantastic gift for our friend…
    I’ve never tried a quilt (they seem so darn high maintenance to me)… but this modern, fabulous one makes me want to try one! 🙂

  12. jess says:

    wow it’s gorgeous! makes me want to quilt again!

  13. Kari says:

    Simply gorgeous. Nice work!

  14. Jennadesigns says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I have a quilt similar to this in the works right now for my daughter – though only with Mendocino fabrics. Yours turned out just lovely!

  15. sew obsessed says:

    I love the browns and oranges, they work really well together. How do you find the time to do so much sewing!!! I must be doing something wrong!!
    Love the blog.

  16. Christina says:

    I love it! The back is great! Somehow I missed that one on Flickr. 🙂

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