Lil Cutie Pouches

Oh, I think these are just too sweet!  I definitely will be making one for myself.  I always say that when I get done making something, but never do.  These lil cutie pouches are just the right size to hold a cell phone, iPod, change, credit cards, lip gloss, whatever!  I also added on a loop with a key ring, handy to attach to a diaper bag or backpack or purse.  How fun. 

I finally decided it was okay to use the japanese fabric that I had gotten a long time ago.  It doesn’t seem so bad now to cut into it and actually use it.  Now I want more japanese fabric of course, go figure.

Yes, the jelly beans, nice touch, eh?  We’ve been busy buying Jelly Bellies buy the pound lately.  Thought it would be fun to throw them in.  Anyway, I have another craft show coming up on Halloween.  I’ve been busily making and making and making.  More to do tonight though, it’s never enough!

If anyone’s interested in a tutorial on these I can get it posted pretty quick…

13 thoughts on “Lil Cutie Pouches

  1. Vanessa says:

    Those turned out well! I adore your fabrics.

    You know, I really would like to do a craft show or two next year but can’t for the life of me get info on how to apply to be in one in my area. It’s like a big, secret society 😉 And then having to buy a tent, tables, etc. . . something to think about.

  2. Ashley Mason says:

    Yes please! I’d love a tutorial. Thanks!

  3. padains says:

    Tutorial, tutorial, please!

  4. Becky says:

    A tutorial would be GREAT!!!!! They are just too cute. With Christmas coming, it might be a fun stocking stuffer gift.

  5. jess says:

    would love a tutorial! the fabrics are adorable! love the little key thingybob too! very handy!

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  7. vashkita says:

    Can I get this tutorial? These are adorable!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Hi I have a blog where I share tutorials and link back to the original blog. I would love to have you on there. Check it out at


  9. CTalmich says:

    These are adorable!!

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. where do you buy your fabrics, i must know, they are sooo cute

    1. Anna says:

      these are mostly by Kokka. You can probably find a lot on etsy, these particular prints might be out of print, but Kokka always has cute stuff. 🙂

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